The loss of traditional farming and practical life

The focus is primarily on kitchen gardens to serve as a vehicle for societal change. At the turn of the Century, was concerned about the loss of practical life skills amongst the population which felt was due to the industrial revolution. Before starting the research I had spent a. lot of time studying environmental sustainability and exploring what it may mean, look or feel like to be ‘sustainable’. Notably, the changes that in society brought about by the onset of the industrial revolution and the loss of traditional farming and practical life skills.Having grown up learning a lot of practical skills.Kitchen Garden and underlying potential for social change, not only in the arena of healthy food choices and tackling the obesity epidemic but also as a tool in the transition towards a more sustainable, green and environmentally healthy future.With relation to environmental education, there have been persistent and critical commentaries about the effectiveness of environmental education programmes and little evidence that these programs have a sustained it may, therefore, be time for a different approach. There has also been a focus of social change in some of the historical lessons learned. This vision was often met with resentment however, especially by those who did not feel that people should change society and also by those who did not feel society needed changing . This research question necessitated a. qualitative approach with content analysis of secondary sources including Kitchen Garden as the main sources of data.


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