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The following should be sought before final decisions are made.

The range of methods for consulting with children/young people are:Passing and receiving information: sharing information with the child/young person gives them an understanding of the boundaries they have to play in. receiving comments from them gives me an understanding of the level of risk they are willing to take to achieve what they prefer to play with.Seek out opinions: asking for the child/young person’s opinion gives them a sense of being in control of their own environmentAsk for options: allowing the child/young person to have their say in a safe environmentInvolving everyone: clarify with child/young person if they want others involved, get understanding of everyone’s viewsListen: don’t assume what the child/young person is asking for based on my own personal opinion. Listen to the child/young person to get a clear understanding. This will give me a clear understanding of the child/young person’s needs and wants that make for their own play needs and preferences.Some of the ways the methods can be captured are through questionnaires, group discussions, ballot box, suggestion box, rate or slate boards.

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This list isn’t exhaustive to the whole range but gives a varying idea of ways of capturing information.


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