The field. While other people of my class

   The month of June was knocking door of success for some,but few in the campus were still waiting for the miracle of getting into the job. At the end I was the only of few who have earned the degree,not the job!!              Having knowledge was not enough,the competition was very tough,i am from the rural area and my first encounter with computer technology happened in my 11th class. Being very bright in studies my parents and teachers have decided to enroll me in engineering graduation course. Having good score in entrance exam, getting into engineering college was no that hard. But real struggle has started while attending the class,it was my second time to interact with computers,i was unknown what things are there in computer science field. While other people of my class were already masters in computers, they have already mastered coding languages and i was struggling to compile “Hello World” on the computer and inside myself too.

            My hunger for the computer knowledge has started to increasing day by  day, asking for new laptop to my parents is like increasing the economical load on them. So i started learning programming languages on my own with the help of college computer lab. In few months i have mastered c# language,but the hunger was never ending. So i had planned to make money out of my knowledge to gift myself a laptop and ease the load of my engineering fee on my parents shoulder. My beloved friends helped me by giving their laptops for my work and i started freelancing , in a while i started joining social workers group of my college which is working for computer literacy of old people. I started teaching the old people about computers and basic tasks on computer.

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I was very satisfied by everything, but somewhere something was missing. By the time I have started to realize need of computer literacy in rural area of our country. So i have decided to take a good job after degree to earn bread and butter to feed my family as well to teach rural area people importance of computers and try to connect them with the world.           But now i am left with no job in my hand ,only thing i have is my old laptop which taught me importance of hard work . So, i have decided to start freelancing again  to earn my bread and butter and also to teach people from my native about the computers and internet.

For this cause i need ASUS VivoBook S15.          First thing which i noticed in it was the Physical Design & Impressive Display !!Physical Design :ASUS VivoBook S15 has weight 1.7kg and has a sleek chassis that is only 17.9mm thin which makes it unique from its competitors.And the “NanoEdge” Display technology provides us with the most maximized display area and the screen to body ratio of  80% and all this things are done by maintaining beauty of the laptop design!! Which makes the laptop very easy to carry.      Impressive Display :   The ASUS VivoBook S15 has a 15.6-inch, Full-HD display that is framed by an ultra-slim bezel that is just 7.8mm wide, giving it a class-leading 80% screen-to-body ratio.

The display also has a wide 178° viewing angle and a high 700:1 contrast ratio for deep blacks.Video is also greatly enhanced with ASUS Tru2Life Video technology that analyses every pixel in every videoframe to increase 150% contrast, sharpness, and smooth playback.ASUS Splendid Display Technology : ASUS VivoBook S15 has a proprietary display control software ASUS Splendid Technology, which enhances and optimizes  viewing experience through these features:Color Gamut Management :Produces accurate and life-like colors by regulating color through new panel technology and system software.Color Temperature Correction : Automatically adjusts images to present more accurate colors and avoids images with color temperature extremes.

User-friendly modes – It also allows the following modes to be used: Eye Care ModeNormal ModeVivid ModeManual ModePower full  SuperBattery and Battery Health Charging App :     The second and most important feature to fulfill my destiny is the battery life. ASUS VivoBook S15 come with 3-cell, 42W Lithium Ion battery with 8hourbattery life which is best compared to all its competitors and Superbattery technology which gives (3X) times battery life span & rapidly charge to 60% in 49min which is really great.                                                        SuperBattery :ASUS VivoBook S15  is equipped with special battery preservation technology which helps to have long battery life. Having SuperBattery,it achieves total of over 900 charge cycles which is three times considering conventional notebook’s batteries.It also helps to rapid charge the notebook,that is 0 to  60% of capacity in just 49 minutes.

The Asus Battery Health Charging App : This app helps to further increase its battery’s operational life,by making user to decide manually set the Relative State of Charge (RSOC) to 60%, 80% or 100%.Powerful Components Now coming to the processor it has very strong configuration and has impressive configuration. It has the latest 8th generation Intel Core i7 performance series processor and also accompanied by MX150 discreet graphics engine. It also has storage options of 1TB HDD and expandable up to 2TB HDD. for fast booting it is paired with 128GB and expandable up to a 512GB high speed SSD. MX 150 GPU:Vivobook S510 gives graphics performance which none other laptop gives right now, it has latest MX 150 series graphics from Nvidia. The MX150 is based on the 16nm GP108 chip, ASUS is making  an effort to bring Powerful visual performance to the masses who need enough GPU for smooth 4K video playback and for the gamers.

MX 150 is smaller in size due to a smaller die size, which has helped to have smaller chasis. Also due to the smaller die size, the MX 150 is more power efficient and runs cooler than its predecessors while delivering up to twice the performance!!Ports and Connectors :Vivobook S510 has a convenient full-sized HDMI port that connects easily to most TVs and projectors using easily availableHDMI cables.It also has a next-gen USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-C port, the ASUS VivoBook S15 has a full set of ports that let it connect to just about any existing (and future) device.


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