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The four types of unemployment are as follows:
1. Structural Unemployment: It shows the situation when a particular skilled work is not required in the market for a business. IT shows the non-existence of primitive method of employment and changes brought by new and advanced methods of business. The example is, the introduction of automobiles in the US removed the work done by horse in transportation affecting their business.
2. Seasonal Unemployment: IT shows the occurrence of a work for some time and temporarily inactive for the rest of the year due to lack of demand and supply. The example of Seasonal Unemployment is agriculture whereby, the workers are required at the time of harvesting of a crop and not for the entire process. So, the worker has to wait for next plantation period.
3. Frictional Unemployment: IT is defined as the type of unemployment shown by efforts of people to match their work profile as per their qualification and skills. The example of Frictional Unemployment is that of a graduate student, who finds for a job as per the qualification taken by the same. This struggling period may be long-term or short-term based upon the trend going on in the market.
4. Cyclical Unemployment: It is defined as the type of unemployment whereby, the slow down of the economy gives rise to lack of employment opportunities in the market. The factor affecting cyclical unemployment is recession. The example of cyclical unemployment is the earning of cabdrivers tends to fall down at the time of recession when the economy becomes slow.
The current situation of employment in US as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the non-farm payroll employment has increased in April 2016 drastically. There has been rise in the rate of employment in jobs related to health care, professional, finance, and business related services. There has been no change in the number of employees seeking part-time jobs. There has been little change in the rate of unemployment as per the records of April. The long term unemployed over 6 months have gained benefits from foreign policies and government policies. There has been employment rise in the country as per the survey taken by Bureau of Labor statistics taking place at a moderate rate. The long-term unemployment earlier was a cause of many reasons such as lack of foreign trade and business, slow economy due to great depression and recessions in the country. The time has changed and so has rate of employment showing rise in its numbers. The consumption and GDP both has shown increase due to rise in the economy. It has happened due to rise of globalization and industrialization.


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