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The future of education is a very important part of younger generations.

From Kindergarten through college many courses are advancing. Upcoming technologies will impact the way people are being educated. Things will change such as personalized learning, exams, teacher assistance, and online learning. Many people may disagree with the use of technology, but they do not realise its importance in education. Education will help students determine their future place of work.Online courses will eventually replace the traditional high school and college education. Online Universities will birth new classes sponsored by various industries.

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Teachers will also offer one-on-one help and help people work together. These teachers will be less engaged and more like a simple guide. Online classes offer many courses and can be done all through a personal laptop making it easier for many people.

A benefit to online courses is that any student can do their work whenever and wherever they want. The next big factor is that it provides an extensive amount of data and resources to help them complete the given assignment. Online courses provide versatility and can help with busy schedules. “Linking the real world with the virtual world of data offers several advantages. Digitalization enables faster development processes, more flexible production technology and increased efficiency of the use of resources.

As a result manufacturing costs can be significantly reduced while quality and reliability increase and processes become more sustainable.” (Shaping the Digital Future in Education – Together/ Author:Dale Andre Martin). Students enrolled in such classes will now have the option of selecting which courses they will take. Typically students have certain classes they have to take and then a group of electives to choose from. Now they can base their course around the career they plan on exploring. They will also be able to pick which order that the classes are in. If they experience difficulty with a subject they can practice that subject however many times they need in order to understand it.

This can result in students feeling more confident in their work. Also in the near future are new smart devices. These objects are suited for younger kids rather than older students. Objects that demand interaction from the user. Programs and devices that will test a child’s spelling and reading skills through various applications. Smart books that engage the children into the many subjects and areas of education. These are tools that can be used to motivate children and bring their attention to a source of education.

Most younger children get on smart devices to play games, the future education would involve games into learning. There will be a certain amount of hours the child will have to interact with the smart device. Educators feel that exams do not correctly measure what students are academically capable of. They believe the students can be measured by their school work, and the level of input they show. Many teachers today think that exams are now made to have kids cram in the information for the tests and forget the next day.

Teachers argue that spacing out the work is the best way for students to show their skills on exams, since many can not focus on it for multiple hours. They are pushing to break the test up over a day instead of a few hours giving them an adequate break. Not only that but giving the instructors a brief period, a few days, to prepare students and maximize their chances to score high. This can all lead to better grades on important exams and significant improvements in scores on them Education has been considered an important part in the growing race for success. Education is best thing a person can give themselves. The importance of college education has become far more important today than it was ever before. Five decades ago, higher education was only for the upper class. The average person could do well in life without any significant experience.

Education has now reached a point where it is necessary for a good job, and is a vital part of the middle class life. The transition into college is a very critical part of anyone’s life. In this regard, it is important that one performs well through high school and make sure they have a plan for that decision, and how willing they are to make it. It seems that many schools are simply trying to prepare the students for the college experience and in doing that they tend to leave out many talented and gifted kids. Those who get left out also tend to get left behind, making many aspects of it one sided.

Those who do qualify can’t always keep up with tuition and can fall into debt; this can cause major problems for people with low incomes who are trying to get a higher education. Students who know they do not qualify tend to get discouraged about themselves and slack off on their work. School is a stepping stone in life that provides important knowledge and skills. From communicating and empathizing with people of various genders and a wide range of ages, to listening to instructions and following orders, and developing leadership skills. It is not a coincidence that those with a low education are correlated with criminals and bad intents.

This proves school is more than just academic work. So, although most of us only consider our career when we think about what school may do for us, the life skills we learn are equally important. School helps with communication, responsibility, problem solving, and relationship skills, these are what we get from school.

In conclusion, education of the future will be a beneficial factor in society. It is an long and arduous process to develop new curriculums but it is a valuable asset that can be exchanged for a better start in life for future generations. In the future we need education that may put an end illiteracy and grant people an access not only to a basic education but also to higher and technical educations. Education and responsibility are vital parts in enriching our future generations with a worthwhile curriculum, good learning opportunities at any given time, teach them many technical and also non-technical skills that can help them,show them the core values and morals,and to show them the limits in the constantly developing world of the future.


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