The wife and children beg on the roads.

The Good EarthThis novel was written by Pearl.

S.Buck who dramatizes s family of chinese village before world war 1. He story initiates with Wang Lung’s wedding and follows the rise and fall of his fortunes. A family of wealthy land owners named Hwang lives nearby where Wang’s wife O’Lan lives as a slave. However the Hwang house declines by uncontrolled usage of opium and unwillingness to work. While Wang through his hard work slowly earns enough money to buy the land from Hwang family. O’Lan has three sons and daughters . The first daughter becomes mentally handicapped and O’Lan kills the second daughter to spare her the modern of growing up.

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During the devastating times of famine, the family must flee to large city in south to work. The Wang pulls a rickshaw here while her wife and children beg on the roads. They no longer starve due to the charitable meals of porridge but still in abject poverty.

Wang longs to return to his land . One time when his son came home with a stolen meat he grabbed it and threw away but his wife took it and she cooked. There erupted a riot, in which Wang was swept away in a mob that is looting a rich man’s house and corners him , who fears or his life. Meanwhile O’Lan hides some jewellery.

As Wang becomes more prosperous he buys a concubine named Lotus . O’Lan suffered by moralle and she died . Wang with his family returned to his house of Hwang. Now as an oldman, he longs for peace but there were endless disputes. At the end Wang overhears his sons planning to sell ye land and he tries to dissuade. Here ends the novel with their utterances that they will do as he wishes but smile knowingly at each other.


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