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The gorgeous, elegant woman with mesmerizing eyes popularly known as Miss Hawa Hawai by Indian Cinema is none other than Mrs. Sridevi.

She is one of the few actors in Indian Film Industry who lived 5 decades of successful cinematic career maintaining her charismatic charm and dedication towards acting and her personal life.Many of us might have seen her maximum movies or must have imagined our own self as sparking and beautiful like Sriji in the movie ‘Chandni’. Needless to say, she was a Magic on screen. She left an impact of her incredible work not only in Indian Film Industry but also deep into our hearts.I wonder how she was able to balance her life between stardom and family so beautifully!Let me give you an insight about her personal life.Sridevi was at the peak of her career when she got married. Unlike career focused woman, she took a break from her work to enjoy her married life with a promise to come back in movies.

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She was blessed with two beautiful daughters ‘Jahnvi’ and ‘Khushi’ soon after the marriage and was happy being busy with them and see them grow. Truly she was an adorable and devoted mother, a loving wife, who left no stones unturned to make sure that she was always there when her daughters and her husband needed her.


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