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The Great GatsbyIn this novel “The Great Gatsby” Fitzgerald shows many characters and their fate in life. In in novel he shows the want for wealth in a youth mind and accompanied because of his poverty in childhood. And the ways which Gatsby uses to became rich but Gatsby’s main motivation was to marry Daisy an young beautiful lady who he met before he went to WWI and he pretended to have a rich background, daisy promised to wait for Gatsby but daisy later married Tom Buchanan a young business magnet .

Later Gatsby became a wealthy man nd bought a gaudy mansion in Westegg , he still wanted daisy and decided to win back daisy as he was rich a threw weekend parties . On one of his week parties he met a new budding business magnet Nick Caraway who was the cousin of Daisy and Gatsby sought Nick’s help to win daisy back , Nick also agreed to help him by asking daisy to come over for a party. Side along Nick Caraway had a love on Jordon . Later Nick invited Daisy for the party without telling who was the host and daisy went to that party and saw Gatsby as the host and again daisy fell in love with Gatsby and ended in relationship. When Tom Buchanan came to know the relationship of his wife with Gatsby he warned daisy but daisy knew that tom had a ex-marital relationship with Myrtle so he couldn’t do anything to stop Daisy.

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One day daisy and gatsby goes together for a drive but unfortunately met with an accident and Gatsby dies there the car which hit was Myrtle’s and she too died ,. So daisy keeps a small funeral service for Gatsby and Nick Caraway seeing this he feels sad about his relationship and quits his relationship and goes back to his town to lead a normal life.


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