The greeks most defining moment was the Persian

The greeks most defining moment was the Persian War. The Persian War began when athens agreed to come aid of the greek speaking city states on the coast of asia minor ( modern Turkey.) The battle of marathon was the most important battle in greek history because if athenians lost greece would eventually come under the control of the persians. The relationship between darius and greece after the battle of marathon had gotten bad because he had gotten beat. I would describe Darius’ son Xerxes was stubborn because he could not get 3 city – states but he kept trying. Some of the smaller greek city – states already had ” conceded defeat” because they knew the stood no chance because they were so small. The battle that destroyed the persian navy was the battle of salamis. The battle the ends the Persian War was the battle of Plataea. The phalanx is a rectangular military formation composed entirely of heavy infantry armed with heavy spears and pikes. The delian league was an alliance of greek city – states led by athens to protect greece from another persian attack in the future.


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