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The gummy bear made in Germany which is called gummibarchen in German, started in Germany in 1920. It was made by Hans Riegel in Germany. Hans Riegel, was born in 1893 in Friesdorf, He was the son of Peter and Agnes Riegel . After WWI, Hans was working in Heinen in Bonn-Kessenich but then was changed into the name of Heinen and Riegel. In 1920 Hans began working with a company of his own, he lived In a house in Bergstrasse in Kessenich.In 1945, Hans senior died, upon returning to Bonn from being prisoned in war camps , Hans junior and his younger brother, Paul, resolved to revive and expand the family business. They changed the recipe of their gummy bear sweets to make them colored and fruit-flavored. Paul took charge of production and technical matters, while Hans, who had been studying economics at the University of Bonn, handled sales and marketing.

Hans Riegel was the oldest son. He graduated from the Jesuit boarding school. He did his doctrine in 1951 at Bonn with his thesis “The development of the world sugar industry during and after the Second World War”.

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In fact, the name of the company, Haribo, comes from the first two letters of his name and where he was from (HANS RIEGEL BONN).Haribo was recognized early on in the sixties. In 1962, the first TV advertisement for Haribo was broadcast in Germany. In the middle of the sixties, the advertising slogan “Haribo macht Kinder froh”which meant “haribo makes children happy” was made by the addition “und Erwachsene ebenso” which meant “and adults too”. These slogans expanded further on. The great success of the Goldbears encouraged Haribo to have an official birth certificate issued. You may not be aware of this but gummy bears taste different in certain countries. Also in some countries they have different flavors than others.

The gummies were considerably different in color, texture, and flavor. Color was the first noticed in difference. The American ones, made with artificial colors, were more realistic than the German ones, which are made with natural colors. Texture-wise, the American ones are much softer and easier to chew than the German ones which are tougher. The German gummy bears had more flavor that was closer to real fruit than the American ones.


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