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The highlights of our topic last Tuesday (Sept. 9, 2018) was all about “The Soul is the Essence of the Self”. It focuses on how our body is inseparable with our soul.

Our body and soul has its own role with each other. Because in order for us to live, we need soul. On our topic, it is stated that soul has a 3 various types and each one of it is essential to everyone. But for us humans the soul that very important for us is the Rational Soul which is the soul that it is responsible for thinking, understanding and reasoning. These are some of the important details that I learned about our past discussion.”To be happy, we need to develop virtue.” In order for us to be happy, we need to develop virtue.

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It refers on being morally good or having a good personality. Because if you have this kind of character, all the positive vibes will reflect back to you. And by having virtue as a person it can also help to aspire others to do the same thing or to be more positive in life.


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