The candlelight is a special thing. Historically

The history of the candle can go back to the Paleolithic times.

A candle’s inspired the interest of ancient man. Candles did not only give caveman warmth, but also cooked his food, and scared animals away for security.Imagine being in the past not having electricity and having to eat by candlelight every evening.

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We take so much for granted and now eating by candlelight is a special thing. Historically the first known candle was called rushlights and this used beeswax and animal fats. To making rushlights you soaked pithy reeds in animal fats and beeswax. This was discovered around 3000 BC. As tombs were being located they found candles looking like today’s beeswax candles.Now there is a paraffin wax. Paraffin wax is a brittle, dull, solid, that can be found in petroleum. Paraffin wax has a mixture of 20-40 hydrocarbon molecules.

Its chemical formula is CnH2n+2. It is solid at room temperature and melts around 37 degrees Celsius and boils around 370 degrees Celsius. Paraffin wax was invented by Carl Reichenbach. He discovered paraffin wax while developing the act of productively separating and concentrating the waxy substance in petroleum.

Uses of paraffin wax are lubricants, electrical insulation, candles, and paraffin wax, and can be made into crayons.


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