The concentration camps were born. Between the

The Holocaust was a great tragedy throughout the world.

Just how a small spark can start an immense fire. That one slight spark was well-known as, Adolf Hitler. A dictator who ruled through fear and execution. Holocaust means slaughter of a vast majority of people.

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Hitler wanted a pure race of stereotyped Germans (blue eyes and blond hair) and any other race would be prosecuted. Yet Hitler wasn’t a ¨true german¨ either. Hitler won the elections on 1932 and became a leader. He gained his followers by giving speech, and boy, he could mesmerize people with his words! Hitler especially got the attention of the lower class and unemployed. Hitler promised a sophisticated life and a wonderful, admirable Germany.

Little did the people know their country was about to turn into the place of the biggest massacre of the 1900s. Adolf Hitler blamed the Jewish religion for losing World War I and many more things which the Jewish people were innocent from doing. With that, concentration camps were born. Between the years 1933-1945 there were estimated 40,000 internment camps throughout Poland of which the Germans took over in September 1939. Concentration camps were horrific places where Jews went when they were taken by the S.S. The term concentration camp means cruel conditions and without legal arrest. They were sent to jail before the 8 day boxcar.

There was no bedding so they were sleeping on the cold hard ground. There were about 50 people per boxcar. They were sent on a 8 day empty box car train and were left with 1 bucket to collect waste in, and a 3 day food supply. The children were the first to die. While they waited for a week they were killing off the children! Once they arrived at the concentration camps the strong were left to do labor and the weak were left to die if they hadn’t already! When they got to the internment camps they separated men and women. They then were sent by an officer to the right or to the left. The people who went to the left were sent straight to the gas chambers and people sent to the right were sent to a forced- labor camp. Hitler especially had much hatred towards Gypsies and Jews.

A way Jews tied into being hated by Hitler was, a doctor that had treated his mother of cancer was Jewish. It all started when Klara Hitler (Adolf Hitler’s mother) died of breast cancer. She died at the age of 47 in 1907. The doctors name was Eduard Bloch, the family’s doctor. He had treated her for about over a month with a medication that caused much pain but didn’t make her last longer. After the liberation, the Jews were nervous to go back home and many were scarred for the rest of their lives. The Hebrews were in constant fear for the rest of their lives.

Riots were happening in Poland for against antimestian. People were mad at their leader for being allied with Adolf Hitler and killing at least 42 Jews and beating many others. Many homeless Jews were migrating upward to Europe for a place to live. Nobody exactly knows what triggered Hitler to make concentration camps and or why he didn’t like different races all they know is Hitler was a very vile man. He was a good leader for the beginning of his Presidency. He was very persuasive to make a brilliant Germany but something made him want to do more than that. Part of the world today is still suffering from this great massacre.

The Nordic countries are healing but it is still going to be awhile before we can all forgive all the people involved with this wild .


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