The Project is completed, scientists and researchers will

The Human Genome Project (HGP) was an international, collaborative research effort to identify and understand all the genes in the human body. The complete set of genes is known as genome. Bioinformatics uses software tools to understand biological data. Bioinformatics is used to identify genes, find their uses, establish their functions, and to develop strategies to cure diseases. The Human Genome Project uses Bioinformatics to determine the complete DNA sequence.

The Human Genome Project has allowed researchers to understand the blueprint for building a person. The more the researchers learn about genes and the functions, it will help them in the future. The structure and functions of proteins can impact the medicine and biotechnology field greatly.
The Human Genome project was started in 1990 and finished in April 2003. The National Institutes of Health (NIH), amongst many funded this project.
Even technology has its limitations, so keeping that in mind, the human genome project is completed, to the best version.
Even though, the Human Genome Project is completed, scientists and researchers will continue to work. They will try to develop new technologies to solve more problems. They will use the latest human genome structure and its understanding to improve the health of humans. Predicting diseases before they occur looking at the genetic material is something they will try to do using the Human Genome Project.

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