The all because you’re born into it and

      The system started off wrong from the beginning when they introduced slaves.

Slavery was the first form of legal Human rights are our born rights that the lack of government protection and crimes take advantage of.       “What are human rights ?” You would get many different answers on what are human rights because they can mean so many different things to people. If you was to ask people what are their human right they would tell you the rights they know about, but very few people know all their rights. Human rights has became one of the most important thing in the world ,inherent to all because you’re born into it and not handed seriate rights, all human rights are indivisible whether they are civil and political rights.

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In other words human rights can not be taking from you because the law or constitution granted everyone human rights or natural born rights. Human right issues are commonly understood as inalienable fundamental rights to which a person is inherently entitled simply because she or he is a human being, and which are inherent in all human beings regardless of their nation, location, language, religion, ethnic origin or any other status. This issues happen all over the world but we know little of how they deal with them. Some countries go through it worse than we do. There freedoms be revoked or highly limited by their government. Serious amount of human rights issues or cases have been violated all over world all because either people didn’t know all of their rights and others took advantage of that.       “Who has the worst human right cases and how is the united stated different?” There are human rights cases and problems all over the world but the three countries rates of human rights issues tops the list. At number one is North Korea because they’re runned by a dictator who limites everything they do and eat.

Kim Jong-un is there president and follows his father’s foot steps with giving no freedom , human rights or natural born rights either make the country all about him and outcasting other countries. Their human right issue is that they are block from knowing the truth on the world and how terrible of a leader they have. Even today if they was set free they would feel as if the people that set them free was the criminals. In second is Syria whose ruled by Bashar Al-Assad .

The people in this country have a bit more freedom than North Korea but not much freedom. The president himself spoke out “We Syria have not changed”. That mean syria haven’t had any improvements as long as he been in office and this year makes 16 years straight. Syria human rights problems are sexual violations and lack of self knowledge.

All though the united states face similar problems they are dealing with them. Lastly at number three is Egypt. The human rights issues there are a bit different they’re suffering by lack of jobs, crime rates high including sexual violence and human trafficking against women , blackouts from low power and fuel shortage due to economic problems.

There current president abdel fattah al-sisi isn’t really doing anything to help. People are getting harmed, forced out of their homes and used sex slaves or humaning trafficking , and this are ways there human rights is being violated. This three countries have one many things in common but what most important is that they have leaders that doesn’t care about giving or granting them rights because they too busy wanting all the power. Most people blame their government for these situation because it’s a part of or should be apart of the constitution they supposed to enforcing.

      “Is it really the government problem ?” “The government’s job is to protect those who can’t protect themselves. Educated people know that poor nutrition leads to health problems & learning disabilities & managing the resulting poor health economically burdens government.” stated the fda. Studies also shows that yes it is apart of there job to make sure that our rights as human beings isn’t harmed at any cause. They supposed to make sure their people is not being harmed and take care of the problems that we face that have something to do with the law. It’s the government lack of protection that allow us as humans to harmed by others.We as people have the right of individual liberty and justice.

Some might argue that it’s not there job to take care of us but it is their job when it comes to human rights being violated because it was them who said we have them and that they will protect us. So of course you should hold them to there word to protect us from crimes and unfair punishments because the part of the law makers supposed to help us fight for justice. Serious human right victims including the people that been killed and sexual violated have been living in fear because the crimes that did it still running around, victims could be traumatized, case might be uninvestigated or unpunished.

This are all things that the government can fix they have the technology for it . When humans are being forced into sex trafficking there natural born rights and documented rights have been violated. Human rights entail in rights, obligations and equal dignity as others.          In conclusion, human rights are abused daily. It would not change if just stay quiet or just seat and watch.

You have to lead by example because these problems can be solved just not easily because there would always be something wrong with it. There are steps to getting human rights the first one is to think of the people in the countries as if that was you , think of how you would feel . When you think about this thing of rights as the ability to speak your mind , work where you want and to be the person you truly are in the inside.

Think of being brainwashed and not thinking for yourself, not having a “voice” or opinion.  The second step is to take time think it over then talk to other countries for help or ideas about human rights if needed. Talking to other countries that have human rights and freedoms have a better way at life because they not trying to think of everything themselves. Trying to run everything yourself will have you in a lot of stress or confused feelings. Get to know what human rights is like. Then after all that thinking you should relax and then have came up with the order to grant the people in the country more freedom or any freedom.


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