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The hymn that I have chosen to analyse is “A Place at the Table”, composed and written by Lori True in the year 2002. True is a liturgical musician who writes music and preforms for the church at prayer. Her music often coveys her commitment to social justice and all its implications. Being a communion hymn, it will start when the priest receives the sacrament and ends when the last of the faithful have received the sacrament. In this hymn, True
incorporates the Christian authoritative of equality and justice for all. An example of this is given in the first verse, “For everyone born, a place at the table, for everyone born, a star overhead.” This evidently couriers the justice and equality that humanity requires, consequently of the birth of Jesus Christ. Here, she has reversed our understanding of what “the table” in the hymn represents. Not only does it signify the proverbial dining table, but also stands as a metaphor for the Kingdom of God. The table embodies a world where every person has a place. “The table” of abundance and equality is the prophetic expression of God’s will manifest in creation.


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