The personalities help to control our Id,

The Id resides in the deep part of our minds, the part of our unconscious’s hidden desires and wants. Freud beleives this is the part of our minds that are the most present at birth. However as we age the other components of our personalities emerge. These personalities help to control our Id, from doing anything that is not within societys social rules. However when left in a primative situation as the boys are the Id can take over the personality to fullfill our pleasure principles. Jack is the most obvious choice in this novel for an example of Id. Jack displays this by solely caring about fullfulling his own desires over anyone elses no matter what the situation. Jack is most concerened about survival, and gives little to no intrest in a smoke signal to be rescued. This shows us an overt example of Freuds Id, on the grounds that the Id focouses more on immediate satisfaction of our desires versus a long term plan for satisfaction. Jacks obsession with having power is reflected through his need for control over the boys, and his ever wanting desire to hunt down and take the sows life. We see that he has no remorse in the scene of the pigs massacre. He fully gives in to please his own desires. “Jack was on top of the sow…. Stabbing downwards with his knife the spear moved forward inch by inch and the terrified squeling became a high pitched scream.Then Jack found the throat and the hot blood spouted over his hands. (Golding pg.120) This is the moment Jack really presents to the other boys that he will do whatever it takes no matter how primative to satisfy his needs no matter how dark or twisted.
Another character who bears the Id in Lord of the Flies is Roger. In some ways Roger can be described as even more evil then Jack. previously before the plane crash Roger had been coinditioned to control his wicked impulses by law enforcement, teachers, parents, and ultimatley civilization. We know this by the mental development that is seen between two diffrent times in the novel. The first is when Roger is throwing rocks at Henry, however it is evident that he is throwing them without the intent to actually hit Henry. Yet as soon as Roger joins Jacks tribe he loses the control over his Id that society had taught him. This sequentially results in the scene where he kills Piggy with a bouldar that was never supposed to miss as they were with Henry. Roger relishes in his new role as a killer, and refuses to see the others as human beings. By giving into one of societys most unthinkable crimes, Roger completely gives in to his Id. The other components of his personality which are learned by social order are pushed to the side and wiped from his mind.
On the complete opposite side of the spectrum from the Id is the superego. Unlike the Id that is developed at birth the superego is the last of the three to develop. The primary function of the superego is to supress any of the Ids unmoral or wrong desires. The superego is all the lessons on what is right and wrong that we learn from our parents, as well as our culture. Piggy is a character who posseses a strong presence of superego. One way that Piggy shows his superego is the way he interacts with Ralph. Piggy is constantly advising Ralph on how to properly handle situations that the tribe is facing. Piggy represents the most emotionally mature character on the island, he even quotes his aunt making him a more adult like figure to the others. Piggys role in lighting the fire with his glasses also emphazizes on this explanation. By lighting the fire to create a smoke signal they are trying to create a way of communicating to the adultworld. This shows that Piggy is their main resource to seinority in both ways.
Simon is the most prime example of a character with a superego. Simon is always guided by his durable moral compass. He is perpetually helping everyone else on the island without a hint of reluctance. Simon never gives into his Id, nor does Simon ever give in and follow pursuit to take place in the other boys destructive behaviors. He keeps working even when everyone else abandons the work. This shows that Simons ethics cant be altered by the others. Simon is the only child on the entire island to become conscious of the truth behind the beast. He knows the beast actually lives within the boys, his supereego allows him too idenitify the evil of mankind. Simon is authentically kind hearted and a good person, and even after his death Simons superego lives on through the boys.


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