The been incorporated into modern science, where the

The ideology of genetically modifying organisms or GMO is nothing new to humans if fact humans have breed animals like wolves to created man’s best friend the dog. Today we eat GM crops and receive GM medical drug treatments. However, many question how far should we allow scientific advancement. Human genetic engineering or HGE has been incorporated into modern science, where the genes or DNA are being manipulated within a living person or zygote. HGE used for the sole purpose of modifying a person gene for their physical wellbeing is absolutely supported, but the difference between remedy and enhancement is the question. Parents are being offered to alter their child skin, hair, and eye color, but the manipulation of genes to alter peoples appearance, behavior and intelligence might be just too far. It is most likely, people will be seen as customized products instead of being unique individuals after HGE is implemented.

Genetic engineering for cosmetic, behavioral, and intellectual modification is a misuse of this technology, and should only be geared toward curing diseases, ailments, and disorders.

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