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The Impact of Greek Mythology and Literature in the Modern PeriodJerald C.

SecillanoBSED-EN 3-2DProf. John Paolo Sarce05 Jan 20181. IntroductionIt is the Greek mythology and literature continues to influence our society and culture. It is said that the Greeks created the myths to explain the word. The ancient Greeks believed in many gods.

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These gods were the core of Greek mythology, a body of stories about gods and heroes that try to explain how the world works. The world today has a scientific explanation for events like thunder, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. The ancient Greeks did not. They believed their gods caused this phenomenon to happen, and so, they created myths to explain the god’s actions.Also, the Ancient Greek literature lives in and influences our world even today.

It provides some of the world’s greatest poems and stories. Their works influence us in the style that we write like history, philosophy, or comedy and poetry. These styles were first developed by Greeks.


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