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The Importance of Dreams is a common theme around A Raisin in the Sun. Many characters dream for their future, and often those characters struggle to push for their dreams. In this story, the family is always one step away from reaching the start of their future, however they have to fight through obstacles each time. Mama dreams of a new house for her family, Walter plans to start a liquor business and Beneatha hopes to attend medical school.

Both Walter and Beneatha are guided by their mother so they can provide income whilst doing what they choose to do.Mama dreams of owning a house, which not only benefits her but also benefits her family. In order to make a pathway and act as a guide for the family’s future, she believes the right way to do so is having a place to call home. She realizes that the current apartment that her family resides in is the most ideal place to live in.

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Mama was very eager to do this, and when she was able to put the down payment on the house, the future of her family was shining down right in front of her.


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