The able to move. The cardiovascular system

The importance of how Cardiovascular, respiratory and muscular system are essential in our body function when it comes to breathing. All these systems work together to help with the gas exchange in body tissues. First I want to explain how Cardiovascular system is responsible for pumping and oxygen around the body. Second,how respiratory system is an important part to how our body function.

Lastly, how muscular system needs oxygen to be able to move. The cardiovascular system it is a network made of blood vessels that transport carbon dioxide from the body to the lungs. Which are divided in two arteries: veins and capillaries. When the heart is pumping blood is done by dividing through four chambers. Two of them are are responsible for moving poorly oxygenated blood and the other two move highly oxygenated blood. Arteries carry oxygenated blood.

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The arteries are dependent on the lungs for the oxygen transport and supplies the body’s tissues with oxygen to work properly. However, the pressure of the arteries is very strong and can damage the tissue; for that reason the oxygenated blood first needs to go to the capillaries, due to capilares are small vessels with a low pressure it allows supplying the oxygenated blood to the tissues without any damage.When the capillaries have delivered their oxygen, they are the responsibles of absorb excess carbon dioxide into the blood and then deliver it to the veins, which then supply the blood back to the heart. When the heart pump this blood back it goes straight to the lungs to absorb oxygen. Oxygenated blood returns to the heart pumping blood to the rest of the body.


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