The of public primary school is a matter

The importance of teacher as key figure in the education process has always been recognized. The most recent National Education Policy 1998-2010 also recognizes that the teacher is considered the most crucial factor in implementing all educational reforms at the grass-root level.The World Declaration on Education for All emphasized the role of teacher as under:”The pre-eminent role of teachers as well as of other educational personnel in providing quality education needs to be recognized and developed to optimize their contribution ……improve their working conditions and status notably in respect to the recruitment, initial and in-service training, remuneration and career development possibilities.” (Article 1.6 para 33, p.

58). The Dakar Framework of Action for EFA, 2000 also states as under:”Enhance the status, morale and professionalism of teachers” (Article 8-ix) The quality of public primary school is a matter of concern both in terms of number of teachers provided and their qualification. Th qualifications of teacher are generally matriculate/HSC + PTC/CT. In some of the areas even the condition of matriculate has to be relaxed. The teachers have hardly any opportunity for systematic in-service training.

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On-the job training, monitoring and guidance is nearly non-existent.


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