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The Indian Horse(essay) The novel Indian Horse by Richard Wagamese is a story about were the indigenous children were taken from there family by caucasian people and they were all send to a christian schools. Where the teacher primary aimed is to “remove the indian from” them. By that time, all indigenous children are required by law to attend school, which means canadian authorities they have the legal right to tear families apart. (Final assign) How does the residential school change Saul?(Final assignment) How does hockey change Saul? When Saul is playing hockey he has repeatedly described as a feeling of freedom, Saul seeks a young indigenous man who is pursuing his passion.(essay ) Indian Horse is an important book to read because it’s telling you a story about how terrible the residential schools were kids were punished if they speak their language or even practice their culture they would be punished in all kind of abuse. Saul life story by understanding where he came from.

Also understanding the trauma that Saul went through as a child in the residential school, the quotidian of banality of the racism that he faces as an adult. (essay) Richard Wagamese’ novel Indian Horse teaches reader lessons including lessons that the characters learn. Instead of children practicing love and mercy, the teachers would brutally beat their children, and in some cases they would be sexually abuse them.

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It becomes obvious that the only real “lesson” was the teachers teach is the inferiority of Indigenous Canadians and Indigenous Canadian culture. The students would be tortured and abused until they agree to reject their old languages and customs and become meek and subservient to their white instructor.(final assign) Why do you think Saul had to go back to the Residential school at the end of the novel? Why did he need to do that? I think that Saul went back to the residential school is because he goes and visits his old hockey rink, he remembers his memories with Father Leboutillier. After he would go visit Fred Kelly and he tells him everything about the school and his trauma he went through in past year he’s been at the school.( Final) What lesson do you think Saul learned as a result of his experiences in the novel?


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