The the products quality and retaining their customers.

The industrial growth in the world manufacturing and fabrication industries is increasing rapidly, therefore, making companies to contend with their competitors in the vast growing product technology and operations.

There are some initiatives that need to be constructed by the company’s management in order to accomplish their goals and objectives. This help company in developing strategies and improving customer’s loyalty towards the company products. This focal point on quality and as well as customers helps in attaining pragmatic impact to company trade and predominantly to the company overall revenue and financial income.

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Based on the production system exercised by Haris & Co, there are some issues that influence the quality outcomes of their products and one of them is high repair rate issues in the welding production. Therefore, in minimizing or even eliminating the defects in welding there is something that company should emphasize in improving the products quality and retaining their customers. All the efforts are made by the company to achieve best performance as a result. The advancement in company rendition can be arrayed by directing the workers or manpower assets, this exertion will be exercised through good enlistment, teaching and priming of the employees. Improvement in workers’ accomplishments must be persistent exercised that will gradually enhance the company performance as well.

(Ratanansari) The issue that continuously effects on the production includes adverse impact on the customer’s satisfaction and eventually to the company sales and revenue. To overcome this difficulty, refined steps shall involve cooperation of very core management and all company personnel. The high weld defect rate which was exceeding the planned KPI (Key Performance Indicator) that alert the company for methodical diminution and immediate aspiration in defects which need to be completed on the production system, especially in the welding department.The modern businesses utilize combined lean concepts as continuous improvement approach for effectively eliminating wastes.

Lean is a structured problem solving approach for ensuring enhanced process performance (Pepper and Spedding 2010). Welding is one of the significant metal fabrication process and defects occurring in welding need to be systematically analyzed for ensuring competitive performance. In this context, this article presents lean approach for analyzing the weld defects in valve component. Define Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control (DMAIC) framework has been developed with appropriate lean tools. Based on discussion with industry practitioners, the phases of DMAIC have been executed and inferences were derived.

The performance in terms of defect reduction and sigma level improvement are being determined. The conduct of the study provided guidelines for the organization to systematically eliminate waste and reduce defects.


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