The are silicon carbide, diamond, and gallium

The atmosphere of Venus is always a difficult subject of study for scientist. The surface of Venus is the most harsh operating environment of any of the planets in our solar system. Exploring planet Venus has been always an interesting subject for mankind. Improving understanding of Venus and its greenhouse effect atmosphere and geology has relevance to a better understanding of the Earth and solar system formation.

The big problem is the high surface temperature of Venus that is approximately 452 ?C (850 F). Venus is very similar to Earth in size, initial composition, and solar radioactive influences. However, its present planetary conditions contrast drastically from that of Earth. The surface of Venus has been explored by a number of missions from Earth, In pervious last years, some probes has been sent to Venus to examine its surface due to the high temperature and high pressure on the surface of Venus they did not survive more than two hours. However, the research on Venus planet surface is  limited due to the lack of electronics components sensor systems which has to operate on the harsh environment of Venus.The missions to the Venus planet have significant value but most of sensors and electronic components cannot operate at the 450 ?C temperature of surface of Venus.

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The new generation of wide band gap semiconductors devices that are  silicon carbide, diamond, and gallium nitride have tendency to operate on at temperatures from 500°C to 650°C. Till now, the wide band gap devices has perform a few minutes to a few hours of durability when these wide band gap devices are electronically operate at high temperature. For very high temperature of Venus surface, wide band gap devices must best and stable for long time operation under electrical devices at 450°C temperature without any prominent drift in electrical operating parameters.In this report, i am going to discuss about high temperature electronic devices and materials that operates on high temperature environment of Venus Planet.


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