The interaction of the atom

The interaction of the atom-field system is one of the mostimportant and fundamental topics which is basically considered inthe context of quantum optics 1,2 .

Jaynes and Cummingsproposed a model by which one can study the interaction betweena two-level atom with a single-mode cavity field in the dipole androtating wave approximations 3. Despite the simplicity of thismodel, its ability to establish some of the observed nonclassicalphenomena in the laboratory is mentionable. Due to these facts,the model has been extended extensively.

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In this regard, we mayrefer to the generalization of the model to multi-atom, multi-mode and multi-transition Hamiltonians. In addition, consideringthe intensity-dependent coupling, which we will deal with in thispaper, instead of the constant coupling, is an important issue inthis content. As some new typical work s in this field of researcheshave been done by us, we would like to refer the usefulness ofnonlinear JCM in the description of the interaction between three-level atoms with quantized fields 4 –7 .


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