The behaviour.( Stephen Kline, 1993). The cultural historian

The image from a parenting blog,presented in TMA 02, part A, shows two boys dressed in home- made costumessimilar with costumes from the popular film series “Star Wars”.  They are show us playing with commerciallyproduced light toys from the same series. Children incorporate media influenceinto their play. Playground games reflect the circulation of media productionand promotion. Children influenced by media and the personages from popularseries create their playground.   ElizabethGrugeon’s (2001) “work on playground cultures illustrates processes ofcontinuity and change”.

   “Play”-can be a social activity or a solitary pastime in which children create theirown meanings and develop a sense of identity. Ready-made toys are not necessaryto play but the mass-media production and marketing of toys has entered deeplyinto children’s culture. Commercially produced toys form a significant part ofchildren’s worlds. Studies of playground cultures illustrate processes ofhistorical continuity and cultural change.

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 Product marketing addresses to children haveincreased the interest in child consumers. Marketing promote the sale of goods.The principals’ consumers are children.

They are vulnerable, especial theyounger, because they cannot understand the persuasive intent of marketingstrategies. Digital interactive technologies create a growing media space forchildren’s product.   Theory of childrencognitive development outline how marketing affects children, based oninfluences and differences in children’s understanding of commercial content.The exposure to advertising and marketing affects behaviour.( Stephen Kline,1993). The cultural historian Garry Cross, distinguishes between two differentideas of childhood innocence: the first stresses purity, and keeping childrenaway from all aspects of the adults world; the second – emphasises children’sinnocence. He argued that the second idea as goals of consumer capitalism.

During childhood thereis a dramatic development that involves biological, physiological,psychological and social changes. Interaction – plays a very important role inthe development of children. Playing for children is a deliberate activity thatrequires engagement, commitment and effort. Most social interactionopportunities occur during the play. The play is considered a strategy ofsmashing and imitation.

The benefits of the play include: intellectualdevelopment, social development, performance and improved skills. There is acontroversy about whether mass media and modern technology have a positive ornegative influence on child development. The key methods used by companies topersuade children to buy or solicit certain products, including the use ofpromotional items, toys, such as celebrities or cartoon characters or movies.The requests are influenced by these marketing strategies. Stores are full oftoys, turtle ninja, transformer robots and Batman.

These heroes cause childrenaggressive fantasies, which are actually transposed to the weakest: animals orchildren. Toy “schedules” the child’s behaviour. It is very importantto understand how it works on child development. Specialists believe the toygive information like the newspaper or internet for an adult.

Toy plays a veryimportant role in the child’s psyche and the development of the personality.Being passionate about the toy, the child identifies with it and imitates thebehaviour of the character. If it is a negative character, the child can becomeaggressive, tough.In the image, are showus  two young children (boys) of theyoung age who wear suits and swords that imitate the personages of the well-known Star Wars series. The place where the two children are playing is thegarden of a home. The clothes are manually made to imitate the costumes of theheroes in the film. Toys are serial products, copies of Star Wars weapons,purchased from shopping centres in toy stores.

The traditional plays, according to theage of children have been replaced by a play inspired by a film in which theheroes fight among themselves to prove the power. Traditional plays that helpchildren to develop a normal educational purpose. “Traditional values,discipline and patterns of social relations are being lost”(Chapter 2, p91). Children’s access to mass media, movies,magazines, advertising, the internet can steadily influence the development ofchildren and the way they practice, imitate what they see. Children have theability to create imaginative places and characters to authenticate during thegame, so we need to be extremely careful about what influences choices made byour children.

Cohen (1992) observed of the fantasy worlds of children is acommon phenomenon of childhood in the early ages and it is end in theadolescence age. When the child is at the growing age and has no completediscernment to make a difference between what is good and what is not, we asparents have an obligation to involve children in educational games that have abeneficial role in child development and appropriate to their age. 


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