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The Internet provides to us content in the forms of videos, emails and information perform in web pages. At the IaaS level, cloud computing service provider can offer is basic computing and storage capability, such as the cloud computing center set up by IBM in Wuxi Software Park and Amazon EC2. A stable and powerful automation management program can reduce the marginal cost to zero, which in turn can promote the scale effect of cloud computing. The dynamic migration function of virtualization technology can dramatically improve the service availability and this is attractive for many users. It used to be a huge difficulty for developers to write programs via network in a distributed computing environment, and now due to the improvement of network bandwidth, two technologies can solve this problem: the first is online development tools. This application operating environment enables application to make full use of abundant computing and storage resource in cloud computing center to achieve full extension, go beyond the resource limitation of single physical hardware, and meet the access requirements of millions of Internet users.End User does have a clear review of the architecture and the system, placing the design of data security under his control.

The backend resource and architecture of the service is not visible for users and thus the word Cloud to describe an entity far removed from our physical reach. Without physical control and access, the users would be questioned the security of the system and the acceptance of placing data in physical locations out of our reach but with a trusted provider. To establish that trust, the architects of Cloud computing solutions do indeed develop rationally to protect data security among end users, and between end users and service providers. The security of user data can be reflected in the following rules carried out: The privacy of user storage data. Users can access their data through the right way and can authorize other users to access, business and legal guidelines can be employed to enforce data security, terms and conditions to ensure user rights to financial reimbursement in case of breached security.Various models such as data, software application, programming model can also be applicable to cloud computing. It is depends upon standard architecture methodology with best practices of cloud computing, a Cloud Model Application Methodology can be used to guide industry customer analysis and solve potential problems and risks emerged during the evolution from current computing model to cloud computing model.Analyse the key factors that might influence customers to apply cloud computing mode and make suggestions on the best customer application methods.

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Strategy establishment is based on the analysis result of the value step, and aims to establish the strategy documentation according to the good understanding of various conditions that customers might face when applying cloud computing mode to plan for future vision and perspective. Professional analysis made by the method above typically involves broad customer business model research, organization structure analysis and operation process identification; also, there are some non-functional requirement and limitation in the plan, such as the concern for security standard, rules and regulations. It is necessary to make a detailed investigation on customer position and to analyze the problems and risks in cloud application both at present and in the future. Besides, cloud computing maturity models should be introduced and the analysis of technological reference models should be made, so as to provide help, advices and strategy guide for the design and realization of cloud computing mode in the enterprise architecture. Requirements on Quality of Service Development Compared with other computing modes, the most distinguishing feature of cloud computing mode is that the requirements on quality of service also called non-functional needs) should be rigorously defined beforehand, for example, the performance, reliability, security, disaster recovery, etc.

This requirement is a key factor in deciding whether a cloud computing mode application is successful or not and whether the business goal is reached; it is also an important standard in measuring the quality of cloud computing service or the competence in establishing a cloud computing center. Transformation Plan Development It is necessary to formulate all kinds of plans needed in the transformation from current business systems to the cloud computing modes, including the general steps, scheduling, and quality guarantee. The switches and the hyper visors in the hosts can guarantee the isolation of the Vlan.

When projects are over, the test development center can recycle the resources automatically, thereby making the best use of the computing capabilities. Cloud-Based High Performance Computing Clusters, In the development history of information science from the last half a century, High Performance Computing HPC) has always been a leading technology at the time. In the construction of a new generation of computing center with high performance, we should not only pay attention to the choice of software and hardware, but also take fully account of the center operation, utilization efficiency, technological innovation cooperation and other factors.

With IBM Lotus Foundation and WebSphere Portal Express business OA service based on Redhat, CentOS and Windows platform. For better internal and external communication, the seen enterprises need only one portal to rent the portal server based on IBM WebSphere Portal. Cloud Computing as infrastructure, a telecommunications company can provide to customers IT services, including infrastructure hosting, collaborative platform, applications, process and information service; it can also ensure data security, convenience of access and the easy management of the environment.

With Cloud Computing as a new way to consume IT services, we can be much more flexible and productive in utilizing dynamically allocated resources to create and to operate. Cloud will continue to evolve as for the future Internet where we will be interconnected in a web content and services.


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