The Self-growth literature is a multi-million dollar

The intrinsic motivation theory is based on the reasons why we are motivated to perform acts for specific results. It demonstrates the types of motivations that drives us to feed our values and personal beliefs. It also provides advantages to obtain our inner desires. In 2016, Schunk viewed intrinsic motivation as a type of motivation driven by a need to engage in an activity for no other reason or reward, except to engage in the task itself. The intrinsic motivation theory has several factors which provoke our need for motivation. A person driven by intrinsic motivation takes pleasure in the completing an activity because it was enjoyable in just performing the act itself.

The outcome results in meeting a person’s basic needs. The advantages of this theory are that a purpose is defined and provides enjoyment from undertaking whatever challenge the person finds of interest. s.

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Intrinsic motivation enhances self-growth and fulfills their desire or passion such as mastering the violin. It also effects a need for recognition where a person feels satisfaction from the appreciation of others from their accomplishments (Schunk, 2016). Video games are often challenging as players compete to win or to make some type of achievement. In a business world, sales people compete against each other for recognition, high achievement and monetary awards; all driven by intrinsic motivation. Self-growth literature is a multi-million dollar market as people search for ways to better themselves.


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