The the wellbeing of a person. According

The invention of mobile phones has changed how human beings operate.

Although most people do not realize it, the technological devices control every aspect of their lives. People who overly dependent on their mobile phones for their everyday activities such as waking up, setting reminders, shopping, listening to music, communicating with friends, among others activities. People seem to think that mobile devices have made their lives more comfortable and convenient, but in reality, there are many adverse effects of using mobile phones. According to Salehan Mohammad and Arash Negahban, the disadvantages of being overly dependent on mobile phones outweigh all the benefits derived from the devices (2634). The devices affect personal relationships, physical fitness, and health, financial management, and privacy.

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Therefore, Mobile phones have negative impacts on the wellbeing of a person. According to Jeffrey Hall, Nancy Bay, and Kate Miltner, smartphone dependency is one of the factors that are destroying personal relationships (135). The devices have given human beings an array of communication options through which they can use to interact with one another. For instance, people have developed the habit of using emails, text messages, voice calls, video calls, and social media platforms to communicate with their families, friends, colleagues, and others in the society. As a result, the amount of time spent on face-to-face communication is reduced. Jeffrey Hall, Nancy Baym, and Kate Miltner argue that the new modes of communication give the people the illusion that they are building strong relationships but in reality, people are growing further apart from each other (156). Also, lack of face to face communication affects how people interpret the information they receive from others.

The use of smartphones can lead to misunderstandings since it is difficult to judge the speaker’s tone or body language. The misinterpretation affects the relationship between the speaker and the audience. Additionally, cell phone addiction affects how people spend time together. The internet has given human beings the chance to access a wide range of informative and entertaining data, images, and videos. As a result, most people have become addicted to their phones since the devices act as their link to such information. Jeffrey Hall, Nancy Baym, and Kate Miltner point out that, smartphones addiction prevents one from spending quality time with his or her friends and family (157).

For instance, it is not odd to see two or more people sitting together without talking to each other. The lack of communication is weakening personal relationships. In addition to that, over dependence on smartphones adversely affects one’s health. In modern society, people use smartphones as their source of entertainment. Smartphone dependency makes people lazy and inactive since they do not have to engage in physical activities such as participating in sports for leisure. Nowadays, people rely on online entertainment programs such as movies, music, games, among other activities. According to Andrew Lepp and his fellow researchers, more people are abandoning physical activities for online forms of entertainment (79).

Mobile phones enable individuals to access all online leisure activities at the comfort of their homes. As a result, individuals have become physically unfit and are at risk of being obese. Andrew Lepp and his partners argued that the over-reliance on cell phones puts human beings at risk of getting obesity-related diseases (79). Therefore, smartphone dependency has the potential to reduce people’s quality of life by adversely affecting their health. Similarly, smartphones can lead to mismanagement of funds. In modern society, people have become overly dependent on their mobile phones since the devices allow them to shop online.

People love online shopping services because one does not need to visit physical shops to get their commodities. Instead, the sellers deliver the products at their doorstep. Additionally, one can place their orders at any time of day through their phones. According to Jacqueline Kacen, James Hess, and Wei-yu Kevin Chiang, the benefits associated with online shopping lead to mismanagement of credit cards and other financial resources (15). People have developed impulsive shopping behaviors because their phones make it very easy and convenient to place an order.

Also, cell phone addiction compromises an individual’s privacy. People who depend on their phones have to sign up to many platforms which they believe will make their lives comfortable and fun. For instance, one might log in to different social media platforms, online shopping websites, among others. According to Christine Horne and fellow researchers, people are required to provide identifying information in such sites or platforms (66). For instance, they provide information such as emails, phone numbers, dates of birth, home addresses, and credit card information among others. Also, people share their pictures and locations on social media platforms.

Their actions are generally seen as harmless since the channels are meant for entertainment. However, sharing personal information on any platform compromises one’s privacy and security. In conclusion, mobile phone addiction affects the overall well being of a person. The habit destroys personal relationships, affects people’s health, diminishes their ability to manage their financial resources and compromises their privacy.

Therefore, over dependency on cell phones has adverse effects of the quality of life of a person.


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