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The closure of The Giver is fulfilling for some peruses, yet I see it as “not finished”, it is kind of a “take it how you like it” bargain. It is either, Jonas and Gabriel make it to Elsewhere, everybody is satisfied, and the world is exact as rain, or they bite the dust of disclosure and starvation in the freezing snow. The first possibility makes a virtuous case for the book being expectant. Jonas, regardless of being brought up in the exceedingly controlled community, has come to esteem chance and decision over satisfaction and openness. Gabriel, being a child and all, could declare to the open door for a superior future.

That they make it to their destination entails there is potential for every one of us.The second option is a bit more flexible. Clearly, it could be a huge downer. The human spirit, the desire for individuality, etc., are nothing in the face of the rigid rules of Jonas’s community.

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The second choice is more adaptable. Basically, it could be an enormous killjoy. The human souls, the want for uniqueness, are nothing even with the fixed principles of Jonas’ community. Just the once we’ve unrestrained self-determination for safety, we can’t ever go back.Even if Jonas and Gabriel do die, the ending might still be optimistic. The point isn’t that Jonas succeeds, but that he tries at all. If he is willing to die for freedom and choice and individuality, then isn’t that a kind of victory? He still escaped from the community.

He still got “released,” in one way or another. And, by leaving the community, Jonas released all the memories he had received from The GiverRegardless of whether Jonas and Gabriel do die, the ending may still be optimistic. The fact isn’t that Jonas succeeds, yet that he tries by any means. On the off chance that he will die for self-determination and decision and freedom, at that point isn’t that a sort of conquest? Despite everything, he got away from the community. Regardless he got “released,” somehow. Furthermore, by leaving the community, Jonas gave away every one of the memories he had gotten from The Giver.

In books like this one, leaving the room for predictions and interpretations has a huge outcome on how people comprehend the book and the events. Basically, it is an important thing in literature in general; it helps acquiring the content and gives the space for the reader imagination. 


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