The energy is that it is an eco-friendly

Thevery first thing which appear in our mind is that what exactly Solar Energymeans. In Proportion tomany sources, solar energy is take from the Sun.

Hence, this energy can be usedin many various formations such as it can be used direct toheat, and light the homes. Moreover, it can also be transformed intoelectricity using solar energy equipment such as solar panels. The time has lastlycome to look after some additional renewable sources of energy. Solar power is atremendous source of alternate energy because it is renewable, it is efficientand it does not pollute the environment. Thus, these days’ people are spendingin solar energy more to preserve the costs and to get free of damaging andexpensive power lines. However, there are also many other varieties availablein today’s current generation which includes hydropower, wind and solar energybut out of those three, solar energy is reflected to be fastest growingtechnology as paralleled to others.

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 The semiconductor material used to harness the solar energythough the solar panels are expensive. The solar energy creation andinstallation methods are costly to install and maintain.  Renewable source of energySolar panels are expensive, but even though harnessing ofsolar energy is costly, it still has the advantage of renewability. Energyefficiency and renewable energy that is in every 24 hours enough sunlighttouches the earth to provide the energy for the entire planet for 24 years. Italso provides the platforms where people easily get the product. For instance,there is solar thermal power, solar heating and many more.

So the very key andvital point about solar energy is that it is an eco-friendly because it is analternative for fossil fuels. It is clean, and completely reliable,non-polluting as well as renewable source of energy. It does not contaminatethe air by producing toxic gases like nitrogen oxide, Sulphur oxide or carbondioxide. So, the risk of harming the environment is reduced.

The most importantthing about solar energy is that it doesn’t need any fuel to generateelectricity, that’s why it does not cause any storage of radioactive waste orany other toxic issues. Moreover, the most attracting things about solar energyis that it also helps in minimizing the annoying and hifi utility bills. Thiscan be done by installing solar panels in specific house. It will be morevaluable in future if anyone who has solar panels installed in their house thenit can increase its value in future. At the same time the cost of installing asolar panel can also be high at first time. Solar panels are super easy toinstall without any wires or power sources.   Pollution free energyReduceddependence on coal and oil to generate power (budget for this could beallocated to other programs for education, health and public development study,poor people, use in villages).  Solarenergy is considered to be a great boon in village or remote areas which haveno access to electricity or power cables.

However, it could be difficult orcostly. It is also considered as a long lasting solar cells because it makes nonoise and there are no moving parts and thus require very little maintenance.So the top three most common examples of solar energy are as follows: 1)     SolarCells: It is used to power many things whichranges from calculators to the whole businesses, though small cells have beenused over the years to power small things like calculators etc.

Since they arethe renewable sources of energy due to their eco-friendly nature, they are alsolong lasting as well, need little maintenance and so on and so forth.2)     SolarTech: Using electronic gadgets which canenable the charging using solar energy is considered to be a common example. Asolar powered charger which is able to charge any electronics gadgets whetherits iPhone or iPad. The most typical example where solar energy has beensuccessfully used to power an electronic gadget (i.e. Apple smart watch).

Likewise,other smart watches available in the market, an Apple Smart Watch don’t requireany charger for charging the battery. 3)     Solarwater heating: Most of people are not fully awareabout this solar water heating. This is cost effective and considered as an efficientmethods of heating homes. It captures the sun’s energy and convert it intothermal energy.

On the other hand, solar water heaters make the use of water asa means of thermal transfer.  According to Troy Cartor, solar energy can be immenselyhelpful to the growing energy related issues over the world.Light energy from the sun can be changed directly to electric energy by thesolar cell. For instance – 7th century magnifying glass and 3rd century lighttorches. So the very first thing about solar energy is that it’s a renewableresource, meaning that it can be used in producing electricity as long as thesun exists. We all know that Sunshine occurs naturally. So the Sun is infinitemeaning that we will be always seeing the Sun. So the main point is how tocapture the energy which radiates from the Sun.

The very straight forwardanswer is that the solar energy can be utilized by installing solar panels. Bydoing so, it will reduce our dependence on the other countries for consistentsupply of coal or oil for various purposes. Therefore, without depending onother countries for the coal or oil we can naturally utilize the natural energywhich comes straight from the sun, thus it is assumed as “green ecosystem”because it does not cause any harm to the environment as well. On the otherhand, though solar energy can’t be generated during night or cloudy dayshowever it can be reused again and again during sunshine.

So, the solar energyis considered to be very consistent and it can be used to utilize the powereven in the village or let’s say remote areas.     According to Ralph Nader, the solar energy so far has notbeen used since the oil industry does not prefer. Thoughsolar energy is considered to be non-polluting as compared to other sources ofenergy, it can also be slightly associated with pollution. The two main things- installing solar panels and transportation have been associated with theemission of greenhouse gases. Moreover, there are also some harmful materials andtoxic products used during the manufacturing process of solar systems which canalso put a great impact on environment.

 ConclusionInconclusion, despite of the fact that solar energy can also harm the environmentwhen the solar panels or other systems are being manufactured, nevertheless, itis considered that it pollutes far less than other alternative source ofenergy. To support this statement there are three major things which should bekept in mind – Firstly solar energy is considered to be a great boon in villageor remote areas which have no access to electricity or power cables. It also reducesthe dependence on coal and oil to generate power (budget for this could beallocated to other programs for education, health and public development study,poor people, use in villages). Secondly, without depending on other countriesfor the coal or oil we can naturally utilize the natural energy which comesstraight from the sun.

Thirdly, it does not contaminate the air by producingtoxic gases like nitrogen oxide, sculpture oxide or carbon dioxide. So, therisk of harming the environment is reduced. The most important thing aboutsolar energy is that it doesn’t need any fuel to generate electricity, that’swhy it does not cause any storage of radioactive waste or any other toxicissues.              


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