The to face the fire.”Uh, Oh! We

The officer, surrounded by these noises, was moved and a little embarrassed. He turned away to give them time to pull themselves together; and waited, allowing his eyes to rest on the trim cruiser in the distance.The crying slowly subsided. The tears gradually drifted into gasps, hiccups, and sniffles. Soon only a few littluns remained sniffing, rubbing their running noses with the back of their grubby hands.

Silence then set over the island, as the boys waited. Then, finally the officer turned back to the snotty nosed, puffy eyed children. They gazed at him with wide, red, tearstained eyes.

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Then, the officer asked Ralph. “You said you were in charge?” “Ye-Yes Sir.” replied Ralph.

“Alright, However, First I need to know how many of you there are. Stay still.” Said the officer.



13! 13 kids.”Then the naval officer led the boys to the cruiser that was waiting for them. At this point the fire was spreading faster, almost engulfing the entire island.”Look, the fire!” exclaimed a littlun.The boys turned to face the fire.”Uh, Oh! We need to hurry!” said a boy.

“RUN!” shouted the tensed officer.The boys started running.”SPRINT!” screamed the officer.”The boys started sprinting. But not everyone could keep up, one fell behind..

.”Phew, that was close!” exclaimed Jack.”Did everyone make it?” asked Ralph.”I need to take a headcount.” replied the officer..

. “I only counted 12!””That means… Someone is still out there.” said Ralph.They all turned to face the island.”I see a little silhouette!” someone yelled.”It’s Percival!” blurted a littlun.”Where?” asked the officer.

Percival Wemys Madison was in the midst of the chaotic fire that was now reaching him.”Help!” “Help!” Percival yelled.The officer ran out to help him. He later came back carrying Percival; who looked limp.”O Boy, I better call the nurse.” “This boy ain’t in a good condition.” the officer said to himself.

Before calling the nurse however he took the boys to the mess hall.”Help yourself to whatever you would like to eat.” he stated proudly. “I’m gonna call the nurse.

“”Ok!” They all exclaimed and ran toward the food.”Aaah, the cool taste of water!” said Sam.”I finally have something to eat!” said Eric.Minutes later the officer came back with a nurse and pointed to Percival on the floor, unconscious.

They boys crowded round’ the nurse as she checked Percival.”He’s unconscious, Due to a lack of oxygen.” said the nurse. “Give him some time and he’ll be fine. “It looks like he’s dead.” said Jack.”Yeah.” murmured the others.

“He’ll be fine.” said the nurse. Then left.

The boys then go to their bunkers and take in everything that happened that day. Then they all start to cry, sob and weep again.Soon they arrive in England, at a port full of people. However, the ones that stood out were the crying parents of the boys. Some were praying for there child to be alive.Ralph saw his father and mother.

He ran up to them, and was scooped by his father. He hugged them both very tightly. And as he released them, he saw his father crying. Ralph spotted Jack crying as he rejoined his family. Jack looked up and saw me. Jack then walked over to me.

Jack stuck out his hand and Ralph took it. Now with his face paint off and new clothes, Jack looked like a boy again. We all did. Then out of the corner of Ralph’s eye he saw a plump woman. She had an anxious look on her face that Ralph had seen many times before.

Jack followed my gaze and had the same realization. Then, I walked up to her.”Mrs, are you looking for a boy with glasses? Around my age? Ralph asked.She replied, ” Yes, I am.” Looking tensed.

“Piggy had died in a crash, I am sorry for your loss.” Ralph said.She turned stone and walked away. Then, Ralph tried to look for Simon’s parents, but coud not find them. So, Ralph head back to his family and said his goodbyes.

The secrets of the island remained between the boys. And none of them forgot the day.THE END!


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