The Islands and it comes from the botanical

The kava is scientifically identified and named as Piper methysticum crop of the Pacific Islands and it comes from the botanical family called Piperaceae. The kava is becoming one of the cash crops and people in the Pacific especially Fiji and Vanuatu are the highest consumers. The Piper methysticum crop has been consumed daily on special ceremonies or events in the communities for long hours that have impacted on those employees who were attending to work late or maybe early at work even though they attended the kava ceremonies. This is because kava becomes their traditional ceremonial drink and everyone has to partake in it regardless of ages and statues. There were other traditional names given to kava by Tongan people were called Marquesa meaning bitter and other traditional names of kava were awa, ava, vaqona, sakau, and malok or malogu. The Kava is used or consumed around Pacific Islands but highest consumers were mostly from Fiji and Vanuatu. The Piper methysticum is substitute has heart-shaped leaves and a spike of any flowers, it may reach up to the three meters in height, perennial, roots develop into a starchy mass, although Piper methysticum crop is dioecious, it is unable for sexual reproduction. The spread is vegetative and fully dependent on the human.

Piper methysticum has puzzled botanists for more than a century fully domesticated; most likely derived from the wild Piper wichmanii, the place of domestication remains ambiguous, but many botanists argue that the domestication process began in Northern Vanuatu, approximately 3000—4000 years ago.

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