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The last model, “mobile outreach service,” is one of the models that is helpful to homeless individuals than the previous model. Due to the advantage that it has which operates from vehicles at sites, such as on the street. It includes some services which are diagnosis, screening, prevention, education, and referrals to other agencies.

While it has its advantages, it also has some of the disadvantages which are difficulty to operate in a wide array of services because of the lack of space and equipment. Most of these services are often lead by nurses.All three models are solutions that can be effective and will be very helpful to many youth. By breaking the barriers that affect many youth, all three models are attempts to provide better access and health care for people. It also hopes to provide treatment and care to youth and individuals who live on the street. The implementation of the three models of primary care would be significant to the health policy reformation. However, the research signifying the need for such models is plentiful and clear.

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It also hoped that the effectiveness of the three models would be similar to the same care that the average citizen receives. For this model to be effective, it needs more support for the continuity of care.Many researchers explain how housing is the first step to solving the health issues of homeless individuals. While this solution is not under the area of health policy, it draws the attention of its importance involving many researchers from other sectors of the public policy to create long-term solutions for homeless people with poor health. Many researchers who focus their study explain about housing.

Power (2008) states, “Decent, safe and affordable housing is a basic human necessity, without it there is no foundation for people to achieve good health, personal security, and stable communities.” (Hwang, Fuller-Thomson, Hulchanski, Bryant, Habib, Regoeczi, 1999, p.iii) The relationship between housing and health acts in two ways, which are how housing affects health and how health can also affect housing. The only positive impact that housing has is when it is affordable, safe and clean. Within Canada, the housing environment has been rather unsupportive of the decreasing of the population and homeless people being at risk.

Due to the rising cost of housing and growth of insecure employment. It also increases the problem of youth ending up on the street. Bryant (2008) explains the various problem that housing crisis have on health. The experience of poor living conditions, are caused by the effects of housing insecurity. To achieve an environment where it possible for people to have good health, there needs to be changes to the housing policy. MethodologyWithin this literature review, due to the researcher on the topic of street youth it is a broad topic.

The data collected from the topic relied on mostly online based researcher including author on many fields related to this topic and which included are academic professors, physicians, and researchers with an education involving health, medicine and public policy. Also, service providers such as social workers, nurses and spokespeople who are previously or currently working with street youth. Changes in politics, policy, and legislation can have a better impact on solving the problem of being homeless. The changes that are explained in this paper are some of the solutions that will have a substantial and effective effect on the poor health of homeless individuals. It can also be the opposite due to lack of the support.

The policy has also contributed too many people being homeless and which is why they live on the street. Many people who are involved in expressing more of the policy options come from different areas, some of those people work closely with homeless individuals, meaning they have a strong understanding of their needs or possible solution to what can be done. ConclusionThe policies in the paper have not been previously been incited in Canada. All the policies explain the solution of a way to spread healthcare to individuals and homeless people. This is a way of benefiting both citizens and people in need of healthcare and services.


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