The Back then industries during the 1990s could

The latest business ideology has developed from businesses being profit oriented to being the consumer-oriented, and these changes have led to numerous formulation and implementation of strategies and tactics to improve customer relationship management and more so increase services to drive to an improvement in their production.

Back then industries during the 1990s could lose few customers now and get few tomorrow, and yet it was estimated an improvement. Now due to technology and innovation, CRM is the system of the day not for information technology firms only but also almost all industries. This project assesses the importance of customer relationship management and its impact on the performance or profitability of an organization; it recognizes various strategies that can influence both customer satisfaction and organizational profit.

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Moreover, the research work goes by highlighting the implementation of technological facilities, as it enhances customer service delivery. Competition can also affect customer decision which will, in turn, affect the performance of organizations concerning customer serving and customer stand. In other to develop this, efforts should be observed on giving quantitative services.The study recommended that organization firms should guarantee that their technical ability must be up to date, and ensure that information or data collected from customers must be kept classified, secret and treated separately.


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