The – that’s all that matters. Taking care

The leadership style of an organization may be concerned with less dramatic issues than these examples, but it nonetheless has profound effects on the people within that organization, and on everything the organization does. Styles have to do with a leader’s – and organization’s – ideas of what leadership is and does. Possible conceptions include:Exercising power.

Leadership is a matter of pursuing one’s own ends. Asserting power over others is an end in itself, and symbolizes one’s position as a leader.Gaining and exercising the privileges of high status. Leadership is about getting to the top, and being recognized as having the highest status.

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Being the boss. Leadership is overseeing the work of the organization by telling everyone what to do when, and rewarding or punishing as appropriate.Task orientation. Leadership is getting the job done – that’s all that matters.Taking care of people.

Leadership is looking out for those you lead, and making sure they get what they need.Empowerment. Leadership is helping those you lead gain power and become leaders.


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