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The Legalization of MarijuanaThe legalization of marijuana is a very controversial topic.

This subject has been debatednumerous times over the past few years. The issues surrounding marijuana are both varied andcomplex. There are many people in the world who have their own personal views and beliefs onthis topic. Some people believe that the legalization of marijuana is only acceptable for medicalpurposes.

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Supporters argue that it will greatly benefit our economy and that it is no more harmfulthan cigarettes or alcohol. Others feel that marijuana is a gateway drug and it can only lead tomore serious problems. I believe we reach our own decisions on this debate from our religion,upbringing, morals, and the events that have happened in our lives. Before we can reach our sideon this subject, I feel that we all must look at both sides of the argument.My personal view on the legalization of marijuana is that it should remain illegal. This hasalways been an easy decision for me to make. My parents and school teachers have alwayspreached to me that drugs are bad. I have grown up around drugs and drug users my wholelife.

I have been able to witness the negative effects drugs have had on some of my familymembers. Marijuana is commonly labeled the gateway drug. Many researchers feel that usingmarijuana leads to the usage of more dangerous drugs. I have noticed this gateway drug effect inmy friends and family. They would all start out by smoking some marijuana. After a few years oreven months, my friends would begin experimenting with other types of drugs. For my uncles,marijuana lead to cocaine use. Currently, both of my uncles are taking medication for the mentalproblems that drugs have forced on them.

I fear my friends are heading down that same path.Also, I believe that marijuana should remain illegal because of its adverse effects. Youmay become chemically dependent on marijuana. This is a problem because you crave the drugand need more and more to get the same effect. The side effects of marijuana can cause problemsas well. After using marijuana you might experience anxiety, paranoia, altered time perception,sleepiness, and trouble remembering things. There are also many common physical effects. Somephysical effects include tremors, nausea, headache, breathing problems, reduced blood flow to thebrain, and changes in the reproductive organs.

Marijuana contains numerous harmful chemicalsthat can damage the lungs and cause cancer. For these reasons, I feel that marijuana should notbe legalized.There are always more than one side to a issue. That is why there are many peoplethroughout the country who feel marijuana should be legal. They also have strong and powerfulpoints for their reasoning. Supporters feel that legalizing marijuana will bring enormous economicwealth to our country.

They believe the crop will be just as successful as tobacco and grossbillions of dollars. It will also help us save millions in drug enforcement. With marijuana legal, itwould greatly reduce the amount of illegal drugs entering our country. Therefore, the police andcoast guard would not need as much in funding. Also, we would obtain money from the taxationof the drug.Many believe that marijuana is no more harmful than alcohol or tobacco. In fact, somepeople feel that alcohol can be more toxic to the body and impair the brain more. Most peopleagree that if marijuana becomes legal, laws similar to those regarding alcohol will need to becreated.

Therefore, the safety of the public would be insured. Legal marijuana would containfilters which would make it less damaging to the lungs.Many people believe that marijuana should be made legal because of the amount of peoplealready using it. Marijuana is the most commonly used illegal drug.

It is used so frequently and byso many people because of its availability and low cost. There is a large number of marijuanausers already in the country and that amount increases daily. If this drug were made legal therewould not be a drastic increase of marijuana smokers because those who choose to smoke alreadydo.

Often times, marijuana is mixed with more serious and deadly drugs to create a more intensehigh. If marijuana was legal, the Federal Drug Administration would be in charge. Smokerswould then realize what they are actually smoking. Therefore, smokers would be able to smoke amore pure crop rather than a more deadly one.

In conclusion, one can see that the legalization of marijuana is a highly debated issue. Ithas been argued numerous times and will continue to be debated for years to come. This debatehas strong points on both sides. We can not overlook one side of the argument.

If we do then wewill not have a complete understanding of the subject. We must include it into our reasoning forour own personal view.


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