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The Lion King is basically showing us two different sides of being in a family. The first, Mufasa, is one good relative and compassion ; the second, Scar, is one of self-serving manipulation and a total lack of loyalty. To gain power in such a manipulative, disrespectful way is a disgrace. Scar is manipulating people to get powerful. In today’s world there will always be good and bad but in the movie it shows how to handle those situations.Eventually, Simba returns to guide the Pride Lands through a difficult transition, and even though he had some tough times he manages become the king his father wanted him to be. The Disney’s animated movie “The Lion King” portrays a combination of leadership styles and changing conditions. I chose to analyze Simba , Scar and Mufasa, King of Pride Rock, and it shows different leadership approaches based on who the the situation.
The “Lion King” was filmed in 1994 by Rob Minkoff and Roger Alleres.Disney sent a team of animators to Hell’s Gate National Park in Kenya to do research for the film.Most of the landscapes in the finished movie are based on this park but not Pride Rock itself, which was created by a Disney artist in Burbank.The Lion King was the first Disney animated feature to be an original story.
The filmmakers have said that the story of the Lion King was inspired by the Joseph and Moses stories from the Bible and William Shakespeare’s Hamlet.The main purposes of the Lion King were basically about surviving, family worth and mostly knowing who to rely on. The film has both a ground breaking characters and issue. The Simba , Mufusa and Uncle Scar. I also know that the issue of the movie was about Scar wanting to be King but his brother Mufasa was already King, so Scar killed his brother. Not wanting any witnesses he had the hyenas chase Simba out of the Pride Lands , he told the village it was his own son Simba ,Scar insisted his nephew to be banned for life and never to return.Then Scar takes power, with a disastrous merger of lions and hyenas, portrayed as disrupting the Circle of Life.Scar is highly ambitious and ruthless, but knew he didn’t have the qualifications to rise to the top on his own. However, he does have access to outsiders with resources, and figures out a scheme to force a takeover of the Pride Lands with their help. Scar promises them they’ll never be hungry again.The hyenas are delighted, motivated only by their rapacious appetite, and agree to this arragement.
Afterwards, things don’t go well, until Simba receives a visit from Nala whie enjoy his time in India.From what Nala says, not only did Scar take on the debt service of providing for the hyenas, he may have put them in some sort of management positions as well, to repay the favors that put him in power. Meanwhile Sarabi, simba’s mother insists that their combined operation has to exit their traditional business to have any chance to support their vastly increased operating costs. Scar, who is primarily concerned with the prestige of the traditional business, refuses to consider it. Eventually Simba returns to guide the Pride Lands through a difficult transition.First by driving out the hyenas which canceled the contract they had with Scar, he wiped out the debt that Scar took on, which is what allowed the Pride Lands to refocus on its core.So basically, after Simba crucially disown the hyenas debt, he revisits Mufasa’s wisdom and turns around the Pride Lands with the help of the statistics of a wonkish hornbill.


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