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The macro environment, in psychology, the large group of people in the social reality where individuals interact and interact with each other and various means of communication. The macro marketing environment refers to the external factors that cause the company to create marketing oppoturnities and pose environmental threats. These mainly include the demographic forces, economic forces, natural forces, technlogical forces, political forces and cultural forces.There are six main external factors that influence the marketing strategy of a business or organization. It is to obtain information on major external influences on their business. There are also being called as the external environment. These six segment analysis are target on broader macro-environmental trends. So, why it is important for managers to understand the external environment? Managers need to always study of human population it is to provide the main sources of national basic population data. Next, economics forces is to know how to adopt factors such as interest rate, inflation, cause and economic growth of an organization can affect the overall situation of a country or region’s economy. Furthermore, natural forces is to observe climate, weather and natural resources that affect human survival and economic activity to carry on the next step of the progression. While technological forces is to improve their product to prevent their product were outdated. Political forces refers to the influence of political and legal instituitons on personnel and organizations in management. The significance and value of culture in the evolution of human civiliztiom and personal growth are described with a large number of data, facts, and many aspects of language, history, psychology, education,politics, economy, management and so on. The cultural force is demonstrated in the rise ofthe vountry, the rejuvenation of teh nation, the economic development and on this basis, boldly and meticulously put forward effective methods and ways to grasp cultural power and give full play to its potential advantages. These are all the major facts to points put why it is important for managers to understand the external environment.


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