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The main aim of this study to find out the importance of quality and dining attributes interarm of giving a satisfaction to the customer for the money he/she spent and making costumer, again and again, creating an intentions and satisfaction for his experience which is the main leading aspect to make customer again and again to the restaurant. The key function which leads to customer satisfaction is dining attributes and knowing the customer intention, will the customer come back to the restaurant again or not, and there is a strong supportive relation of guest retention in restaurants. The several changes in market and lot of choices for the customer with different opportunities make so difficult for the restaurants and other service industry to protect their customers from other attracting offers its make them hard to retain their gusts and made a bigger challenge to attract new customers. I know that based on the customers satisfaction we will assume that he will revisit the restaurant or not if he feels satisfied he enjoyed his experience by the service provided by management and service delivered by the staff he may surely try the experience once again but we cannot promise that, if he doesn’t feel satisfied with what he expects he may not visit again some chances he may come then we should utilize the chance and give him the better experience. He may come or not it’s completely based on his interest we cannot give 100% assurance for that if he back we should utilize the opportunity. This research will illustrate the how can the restaurant gain their customers loyalty and gain customer satisfaction how staff should cooperate with restaurant staff to make organization successful and this research will provide the clear vision of the restaurant how should they perform in terms of customers retention so that the restaurant can improve their customer relationship management and also the retention of customers
Research Objectives: –
1. To identify the customer satisfaction
2. To identify the ways to gain customer retention and what are the factors that influence the customer retention
3. To identify the ways to what makes the guest to revisit the restaurant
What is the relationship between customer satisfaction and customer retention?
Why customer come back to the restaurant? What influences their decision?
Research Methodology
Research methodologies play a crucial role in collecting information and data from different sources, it helps to utilize the information to maintain the customer retention This research will find out the relationship between what are the customer expectations and customer satisfaction in which way he will satisfy, and what makes the customer come back and revisit the restaurant what will influence him to revisit the restaurant
To find out these reasons I used a quantitative approach to this research, the questionaries was tested, and they 10 sample questionnaires to be filled. They were simple questionaries to be filled by the multiple-choice questions. There were not any complicated issues and it won’t interest the guest they can easily respond. All information gathered from the multiple-choice questionnaires the reason for choosing this type questions guest can choose various answers instead of close-ended questions like just only yes or no and easy to record the data.

In any kind of organization or field Customer relation management plays a huge role especially in competitive industries like hospitality or travel it’s a huge competitive disadvantage. The restaurant will lose a competitive edge. A restaurant or hotel which fails to implement the customer relation management system in the meantime there will be slow to improve the customer service, A specific way to find out the relationship in between service providing by the restaurant and their valuable guests in the company develops the customer relationship in order to develop the customer retention (galka, 2013). There are various studies which state that focus on customer retention is less expensive than focusing on new customer, and can be more profitable (Reichheld, 1996; Wiegran and Koth, 1999; Reichheld and Sasser, 1990; Fornell and Wernerfelt, 1987; Blattberg and Deighton, 1996; Vandermerwe, 1997; Heskett, Sasser, Schlesinger, 1997; Payne and Frow, 1999 etc.). Yet, the research of Payne and Frow (1999) highlights that some organizations spend only one-quarter of their marketing budgets on the retention of the customers. Reichheld and Sasser (1990) stress the importance of customer retention by highlighting that retaining of 5 additional percent of the company?s customers can increase profits by almost 100 percent. Mentioned authors also emphasize that 5 percent decrease in defection can lead to 85 percent increase in profits for banking sphere companies, 50 percent increase in profits for insurance companies, 30 percent increase in profits for auto service companies (Reichheld and Sasser, 1990). It is hard to tell how much profit will bring retention strategies. We believe that proportion of acquiring versus retaining expenses and benefits depends from lots of factors such as industry, market, company strategy, product and so on. Therefore, no general figures can be calculated. But still, there is a fact, which is proven by the number of researches, that retention of the customer’s strategy is less expensive and more profitable. Therefore, in our master thesis we have decided to research retention of the customers.

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Summary ; Conclusion
The first chapter of the dissertation focused on providing the detail introduction about the research topic customer satisfaction and retention the relation between customer relationship and customer retention in the restaurant 2D in 1. The importance of customer relationship is highlighted in the chapter because of it was the key factor that influence the customer retention. The research background and the research objectives and methodologies and questionaries’ also presented in the first chapter.


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