The humans. As for clothes, Gulliver tells

The main character of Gulliver’s Travels is Lemuel Gulliver.

He’s a Traveler and adventurer. He’s an honest man and he expect others to be honest with him and he’s a dynamic character in this story where he respond to events and experience a change in attitude.Gulliver’s interest in languages and customs is the primary instrument for his Travels.

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He’s good at adapting himself to other cultures. He takes genuine interest in humans. As for clothes, Gulliver tells us how he clothes himself in each country. In Lilliput, for example he wears clothes patched together from hundreds of tiny pieces of fabric.I suppose that curiosity about peoples what led him to go on his travels in the first place.Here, swift through Gulliver, makes clear that the normal person is concerned with honor, gratitude, common sense and kindness. Moreover, he is an innocent-eyed narrator.

He tells us what he believes in the truth and we can trust him because he is neither discreet nor imaginative enough to either withhold or insert inventive adventures on his own.


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