The fraudulent activities. 1.4 Research Questions The

The main objective of this study is to determine factors and effects of internal fraud in commercial banks.1.3.2 Specific Objectives? To investigate types of fraud that frequently occurs in banking industries.? To assess the effects of internal fraud on staffsand its consequence onbanking operations. ? To evaluate the main factors of internal fraud.

? Toexplore ways of fraud detection in banking operations. ? To identify preventive measures to reduce the incidence of fraudulent activities.1.4 Research QuestionsThe central question of interest in this regard is “what are the determinantfactors and effects of internal fraud in commercial banks? However, the study was conducted to address the following questions specifically.? How should the preventive measures be established effectively in extent to which the incidence of fraudulent activities minimized?? Which type of fraud is more likely to occur?? Howdo the internal control systems in placeoperate to detect frauds at their early stage?? How the internal fraud does affects banking staffs?? What is the consequence of fraud on banking operations?1.5 Significance of the Study The study was conducted on intent to identify factors contributing to the occurrence of internal fraud and the effects of suchprohibited activities. Therefore, findings of this enquiry benefit individuals as well as various stakeholders with the next listed significances.

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? This study mainly provides general overview on driving factors of internal fraud.? Publicizes effective ways of fraud detection and prevention.? Paves way to researchers as an input to future literatures.? Provides information to policy makers.

? Discovers fraud categories requiring special attention. 1.6 Scope of the StudyWith regard to aims the research, the train of investigation was demarcated to ascertain factors of internal frauds in commercial banking sectors, consequences as a result of fraud on staffs as well as banking operations in Central Zone of Tigray Region, Ethiopia. However, it addressed various issues on specific manner on the basis of objectives.

Besides the questionable attainability of the spatial coverage of the study area which kept the scope none enlarging beyond already covered. As a matter of fact, almost all of the banks in Ethiopia are commercial. All in all, the study was conducted as pre mentioned on every possible optimal extent of addressing questions of interest in its context.


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