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The main protagonist, Gregor after being changed into an insect spent all his time behind a closed door in his room. Eventually, he began hiding from his sister underneath the couch and found out she was repulsed by the sight of him. ”She did not see him at once, yet when she caught sight of him under the sofa…

she was so startled that without being able to help it she slammed the door shut again.” (20) This lead to a very dark atmosphere for Gregor which consequently made him feel isolated and depressed. His hope for his humanity dwindles with the light changing from the sun shining brightly on the hospital outside his window to dimly lit and barely seen through the fog and his eyesight failing him. He actually already felt isolated from his job as a traveling salesman stating that because of his constant travel he can only make “casual acquaintances that are always new and never become intimate friends.” (2) “Gregor’s eyes turned next to the window, and the overcast sky… made him quite melancholy.” (1) At the very beginning of the story, The Metamorphosis by Frank Kafka, the main character Gregor is overshadowed by a dark sky.

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This sets a tone for his continuing changing moods, starting with melancholy which is gloomy and somber.When a small street light shines in, it may give a false glimmer of hope; but when the morning fog rolls in he is again isolated. “The prospect of the morning fog,


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