The much taxes should be, and the

The main purpose of a taxation is to accumulate funds for the functioning of the government machineries.

No government in the world can run its administrative office without funds and it has no such system incorporated in itself to generate profit from its functioning. The government’s capability to serve the people depends upon the taxes that are collected. Taxes are necessary in the government operation and without it the government will be partially paralyzed. Taxes are amount of money collected from citizens, and they are used to provide public goods and services to benefit our communities. Taxes are amount accepted in a political process of structured laws to determine how the collective cost of government services will be distributed among elements of the market economy.

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The two most important tax policies are the level of taxation, or how much taxes should be, and the structure of the system, or how revenue is to be raised. Taxation is the most major source of our government’s income, with this fund the government can provide us with government offices, infrastructure and social services these include medical, social security, education and other expenditures include transportation, lighting, recreation etc. these services are allowed to us at no cost. However, this does not neutralize the significance of the conquering economic situation. One is considered rich or wealthy depending on his/her financial ability. Upper class in rich people can be measured by annual income or consumption, lifetime, expenditure or income, and wealth.

Consistent with how the taxation system works, affluence should be measured annually. If the government willing to spend while their budget is insufficient or budget deficit the another way to find the money to fulfill their disbursement is to loan the money from the others, the process that government creates debt from borrowing money is called government debt, public debt or national debt, which is like people loan from the financial institution but it just own by government, in present, there are many controversial issues between government debt create cost on future generation or not create cost on future generation, how can government debt create future generation cost and how it will not create future generation cost.


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