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The maintenance of personal hygiene is essential as it helps with you health and wellbeing overall. Not only is it beneficial to you but also anyone that you come into contact with. Poor personal hygiene does not only result in physical issues but it can also affect other aspect of your life e.g.

emotionally and socially. Alongside this having a good personal hygiene can get you into a routine. This can help with time management before going to work if you create a routine and, also at work because if you have effective time management during your hygiene routine then those skills can be transferable over to work or any other skill which you would require.

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Personal Hygiene includes;Brushing your teeth ShoweringWashing your hand Clean homeClean clothesPlenty of sleepI’m going to explain 4 of the above and what you should do to keep them up to a good standard and how they can contribute to good personal hygiene. Brushing your teethYou should brush your teeth after every meal but realistically twice a day. This helps to minimise the build of plaque on your teeth and any risk of teeth falling out.

You should also visit your dentist every 6 months to check that your teeth are in good condition or if your need to change your oral habits. Showering You should wash as often as possible but not everyday. An recommended showering routine for a normal working person is once every two days. Showering too regularly can sometimes lead to hair not having the essential oils in and also the skin not being able to soak up and essential vitamins either. But however don’t skip showering if you have done exercise as you need to get rid of the skins sells which have come off. SleepSleep is important as it lets you recharge your body after a hard days work.

Ideally everyone should be getting between 8-10 hours of sleep a night. Lack of sleep can make you tired which can lead to mistakes and also your immune system will get affected. Washing your hands Washing your hands should be done after you have touched anything which anyone else might have or anything you have done which was dirty and could spread. This could be things like if you sneezed or cough, also if you were on public transport as you might not know what someone has touched before yo


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