The of interacting various Allen 2 brain structures.

The MindA Psychologist is a very good joband very good profession. Psychologists are experts in human behavior. A psychologiststudy what makes people think, feel and learn. They use interventions and otherstrategies to help someone get over what is affecting them. A lot of psychologywork with people who have mental health disorders like anxiety and depression. Alot of the times they are helping people overcome relationship problems, eatingdisorders, learning problems, substance abuse, parenting issues. A lot of thetimes they work in schools, hospitals, courts, community health services,prisons, the defense forces and private practice.

They can work in groupssettings, individual or organizational.             There are many different theoriesfor what the mind is and where its located. But I have found that the mind Isthe brain in action and is the state when the brain is alive and at work. Whenthe brain is dead the mind cannot function at all. The brain and mind worktogether. You have to have both in order for them to work.

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But they are not thesame. The mind is responsible for our good and bad habits and other things likethat. You could simply put it as the brain is the machine and the mind is theprocess.            The location of the mind is a verytough question. Because there isn’t really any designated location for it.

It’snot like a body part like an arm of a leg. You can say the mind is in the brainbut not in any particular part of the brain. The mind is the product ofinteracting various Allen 2brainstructures.

It is very hard to determine where the mind is because you can’toperate on your mind or fix it. It’s just there and a part of you.  That is what makes it so hard to locate.             The mind is a very intriguing topicand really makes me want to learn about this topic.

It interest me very much. Iwant to know how it works and why it does certain things now 


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