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The marketing concept involves organisations looking at and analysing the needs of the customers as well as making decisions based upon how can those needs be best met and satisfied more effectively than other organisations that pose as competition.
Three main characteristics of this concept involves:

The first characteristic involves being customer oriented which involves a business such as Clare’s Chocolates being able to target a particular aspect of the market in order to satisfy majority of the customers in which Clare from the case study had to identify who had a need for the product (chocolate) and who was most likely to buy it. In addition being able to identify the needs of the customers and finding out what a customer would be looking for in the chocolates. Moreover, customers should be at the focal point. In which Clare should aim that all management areas of the product development are looking at customer satisfaction and this is how their goals can be achieved.
Marketing Planning is another characteristic that looks at having an overall objective that allows to maximise the profit by being able to satisfy the customers. This can be implemented through identifying, anticipating and predicting the customers needs and wants. It also, involves amending and being able to understand the product based upon the demands of the customers.
Market research is the third characteristic which is used to help an organization to succeed by identifying the consumer’s needs and wants. Market research allows a business to keep up to date with the ever changing market. Furthermore it helps to create an understanding and identify new ways to provide a service to the customers.

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An organisation such as Clare’s Chocolates will be affected by many things which can be both long term or things that affect on a daily basis either internal things or external factors. This is known as the micro and the macro environment which is used to help an organisation to fully understand the marketing environment which enables to operate effectively and overcome any barriers that the organisation may or may not have control over. In addition, the micro environment will have a direct impact on Clare’s Chocolates immediate environment, customers, distributors and competitors. The suppliers is one of the main factors as they can take the resources to the producers for the manufacturer to produce goods that can have customer value.
The macro factors encompass all of the external factors and agencies to the company itself. These factors include the demographic, economic, political and cultural environments.
In relation to the case study, Clare’s Chocolates aim to provide “a luxurious


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