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The meanings of thinking it are found includes the analysis, creation, purposive and big statement based on very little information. It is a conventional fact that thinking happens not clearly through certain media.

These are called vehicle of thought like images, ideas, symbols and thinking. Thinking about all these guidelines that are related to thinking in broad sense is classified as together thinking and different thinking (Majumder & Majumder, 2017). The term convergent thinking is related to the ability of a single person to give the exact answer to typical questions. This way it is concerned with getting the single best and done by many people that answer to a problem.

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As a result there is no space for confusing about double-meaning. This way reminding the correct answer or working out through decision making success plans of reaching goal is equal to the beast typical and expected of convergent thinking. Because of this, convergent thinking draws attention to on speed and quality of being very close to the truth or true number. It also focuses on recognizing the state of knowing someone and reapplying way of doing things as well as fast recalling stored information. The solution this way received from at the end of convergent thinking is the best possible answer in majority of the time.

Higher-level thinking is a significant goal of group of schools today. Students should be challenged from remembrance memorization to deeper understanding of content. Definitions of higher-order thinking as falling into three categories which is those that define higher-order thinking in terms of move from one place to another, those that define it in terms of critical thinking, and those define it in terms of problem solving(Singh, Singh, M. T. M., Mostafa, & Singh, 2017).

While learning for recall demands of thinking, the higher-order thinking is in move from one place to another. This is just like having the student gain the knowledge and skill then applying it. It is this kind of thinking has been applies to life outside of school where thinking is seen as a series of move from one place to another opportunities rather than as a series of recall assignments to be done. The critical thinking category includes definitions that refer to reasonable on thinking carefully about past events that is focused on deciding what to believe. By thinking, questioning and asking lots of questions about by watching through obeying and describing, comparing and connecting, finding complex difficulty, and exploring viewpoints. Computational Thinking (CT) complete the thinking in mathematics and engineering with a focus on designing systems that help to solve complex problems humans face (Voogt, Fisser, Good, Mishra, & Yadav, 2015). The core CT ideas include the blurry pictures and the mental tools of figuring out by layers of problems that need to be solved on different levels and the relationships between layers and blurry pictures.

CT involves the processes of involved in creating problems so their solutions can be represented as computer-based steps and sets of computer instructions. CT has a long history in computer science dating back to 1950s when it was known as computer-related thinking meaning the direction of pointing to creating problems as changing things from one form of some input to an output and looking for sets of computer instructions to perform by changing things from one form, state, or state of mind to another. Some computer science teachers have also argued that programming is not extremely important in the teaching of even suggested that a focus on programming might discourage students from becoming interested in computer science.

Design thinking delivers with a source of business wanting to beat others in contests by helping increase invention of new things as well as creating new other choices to organizational issues. Methods can be incorporated in Business studies is through project based learning by throwing design challenges of the business world to using different kinds of expert knowledge teams, providing opportunities of first field learning. Active trying new things out is another method where sketches, early models, and test runs which that appear are used to aid in sense making and building conversations with the end user.

According to the research done by Glen, Suciu, and Baughn (2014) state by learning the methods instance of watching, seeing in your mind, and applying them in a process of active exploring things and reactions to something, students slowly develop the confidence to work with such challenging and messy problems. Design thinking can be incorporated in a wide variety of subjects such that it becomes part of the business school courses. Related to a plan to reach a goal of management, which is viewed as a design process relies heavily on clear and sensible planning and analysis leaving a lot of scope for including in something of able to change and get better learning. Small-business starting is another subject which calls for the use of business model and creating early models to tap the advantage of reactions to something in order to avoid mistakes in actual businesses. In the field of information technology, the agile software movement has come out as a strong and healthy other choice to clear and sensible related to careful studying of ways of doing things. The very heart of marketing lies in understanding the customer’s needs which is agreeing working regularly with design thinking’s focus on developing a deep understanding of the user.Critical thinking can be described for educational in purposes to support the instruction and test of critical thinking as a big idea including both thinking-related skills and personalities.

A very important thinker must be skilled at thinking, which refers to the thinking-related process of finally deciding something from given information (Heijltjes, van Gog, Leppink, & Paas, 2014). Little attention has been paid to the avoidance of created unfair thinking in thinking. Critical thinking in terms of avoiding of the created unfair thinking in thinking that may be classified as a subgroup from a bigger group of clear and sensible thinking. Type one of processes has a fast, automatic nature and involved little reflection. Decision-making is based on past experiences and demands little effort, which is useful and producing a lot with very little waste in many situations. However, because of its doing things quickly it might also result in created unfair thinking in thinking in other situations, unless Type two processes overrule these automatic responses by clear thinking efforts.

Type two processes are slow in nature and require the when something is kept out or not included of attention to other matters, and therefore draw more heavily on working memory ability to hold or do something.Students’ ability to ask questions is closely related to think in a symbolic way or clear up one’s thinking. A question can be classified into necessary question and unnecessary questions. Physical thing that refers to an idea or emotion is started from an idea known by students going to another idea that is unknown or is being learned (Hendriana, Rohaeti, & Hidayat, 2017). Relations looking at to the development of the ability to ask and think in a symbolic way are firstly students can connect the problems of a given statement into a question asked in order to dig deeper information, the students can find new ideas that are not already known yet such as educated guesses which are expected to become the basis of their question, the students can create by showing the ability to create interesting new things ideas coming from the problems faced, and lastly the students can apply the results of their thinking in the form of a question of a problem given statement.


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