The our gateway abroad. As we ventured out

The misuse of plastics resulting destruction violating ecological environmentOur stories of the ocean have carried a sense of wonder as tales of giant monsters, mermaids, and pirates have filled our hearts with fear and wonder.

These stories are inspired by humanities venture out into the world as the ocean has been our gateway abroad. As we ventured out into this world men women and children sailed the oceans looking for new homes and new adventures. For centuries, Humans have utilized the oceans for food, travel, culture and even leisure; however, while we have continued to use the oceans to our own benefits, humans have created dangers for the ocean. The ocean suffers from climate change in the form of rising sea level and temperatures and while humans debate if we are the direct link to these issues one issue that is not debatable is the amount of plastic in our oceans.

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The unrelenting and neglecting use of plastic bags is a worldwide phenomenon. We have become accustomed to having plastic all around us. From forks, straws, bottles and cell phones, plastic has become an essential item in our everyday lives. But these plastics end up as litter as it makes its way to landfills, drainages and bodies of water, taking decades to decompose and damaging marine life when dumped in the sea. Plastic has become so enriched in or consumer habits that we often disregard the consequences that plastic has on our environment.

We know that plastic is essentially immortal and is dangerous for the environment. Different species of sea life affected including whales, dolphins, seals, birds and turtles die due to ingestion and choking from plastic bags. However, we have disregarded these issues as we have a disillusioned necessity for plastic. As a result, the commodification of plastic has led to over indulgence within our consumption habits.


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